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BAC pH Up is your essential ally for achieving the perfect pH balance in your cultivation. With alkaline solutions, this acidity regulator ensures optimal assimilation of nutrients in your irrigation water, vital for healthy growth.


BAC pH Up Regulator: Maintain Your Crop in the Ideal Range

If you're aiming to effectively optimize the pH of your nutrient solution, BAC's Potassium Hydroxide is your trusted partner. This liquid enables you to precisely adjust the pH to match the optimal level based on your substrate and cultivation type.

Comprising alkaline solutions, this acidity calibrator becomes an indispensable tool to elevate the acidity level of your irrigation water. It holds particular value when working with chemical fertilizers, as it's advised to correct the pH after adding fertilizers to ensure proper nutrient assimilation. Similarly, stimulants should be applied with the adjusted pH.

BAC pH Down and pH Up also prove useful in mitigating the bicarbonate content in hard water. When preparing the solution, by adding pH Down until reaching pH 5.2, the acid reacts with the bicarbonate, lowering the water's pH to 3. Subsequently, pH Up allows you to raise the pH to the desired level according to your substrate and fertilizer type; consult the tables for precise information.

Essential Balance for Successful Cultivation

In soil cultivation, coconut fiber, and hydroponic systems, BAC's pH Up stands as an effective organic solution for pH correction. pH, an indicator of acidity or alkalinity in a solution, in this context, your irrigation water with or without additives, plays a pivotal role in plants' ability to effectively absorb nutrients. This range varies depending on the growing medium, growth stage, flowering, variety, and more.

An improperly adjusted pH obstructs nutrient absorption, weakens plants, and heightens susceptibility to diseases and pests. Leaves, stems, and flowers can exhibit stunted growth as a result.

Guidelines for Utilizing BAC pH Up Regulator

To use the BAC pH Up regulator effectively:

  • Agitate the contents of the container.

  • Add small increments to the nutrient solution or irrigation water.

  • Allow the pH to stabilize and verify if the desired level is attained.

  • Repeat until the optimal pH is achieved.

  • Apply it during both the growth and flowering stages.

Attain Exceptional Results with BAC pH Up

BAC pH Up, available in a 1L presentation, is a liquid pH corrector that efficiently elevates the pH of irrigation water. In situations where reverse osmosis water is used for irrigation, having a low pH is common, which can further decrease after introducing fertilizers and additives.

Proper nutrient assimilation and healthy growth depend on maintaining the pH within the appropriate range (typically between 5.5 and 7.5, varying with the crop and growth phase). Employ BAC pH Up in any growing medium, from soil to hydroponics, to ensure optimal pH and the triumph of your harvest. The combination of adding fertilizers, measuring pH, and adjusting it with BAC pH Up sets the stage for remarkable results.

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