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Growers Choice Banana Glue seeds are a crossing Strawberry banana x Gorilla Glue #4. An indica dominant hybrid, with a flowering period of 8-9 weeks, with very high yields indoors and outdoors. Banana Glue overstands for its heavy yields, but also for its very high THC levels, and its sweet taste that longlasts in mouth.


Genetics of Banana Glue strain

Banana Glue was born from a crossing Strawberry Banana x Gorilla Glue #4. From this starting point breeders at Growers Choice decided to select an individual that kept characteristics form both parents at 50/50. Once this plant was found they backcrossed it to get Banana Glue seeds, a plant that you should keep for years.

Growers Choice Banana Glue seeds

Banana Glue seeds develope indica dominant female plants, with an unusual quick flowering period. The growth of these plants is vigorous, showing its kush herency, but once in flowering stage the flower production is massive.

The flowering period of this strain is said of 8 weeks, even though those growers who like to get best performance, taste and flavor, should give her an extra week more to get higher yields, with a resin production rarely seen in other strains.

If you grow indoors it is a must to use good carbon filters, as these Banana Glue plants release a strong smell that will awake your neighbour's curiosity.

Taste and flavor of Banana Glue cannabis

The aroma of Banana Glue is kush type, with sweet and spicy tones and a strong taste that longlast in mouth for long time. Once stored in jars you'll notice the amount of THC cristals resting at the bottom, releasing an intense smell when you open the jar that will fill the room.

Effect of Banana Glue

Being Gorilla Glue #4 one of its parentals, it is not rare the high potency of this strain, as its THC levels are so high, so you'll get a strong couch-locking buzz that persists for hours. This is an ideal strain to disconnect after long journeys.

Growers Choice Banana Glue characteristics

  • Sex: Feminized.
  • Genotype: 30% sativa - 70% indica.
  • Genetics: Strawberry Banana x Gorilla Glue #4.
  • Flowering period: 8-9 weeks.
  • Harvestt: Early October.
  • Yields: 700 g/m2 - 600 g/plant.
  • Taste: Sweet.
  • Aroma: Fruity.
  • THC: Very high.
  • CBD: Average.

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