Bug Scan Yellow Biobest

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Unique divisible sticky traps of which the dimensions can be chosen depending on the cultivation and the application.

Bug-Scan Ivog-System Yellow (25 x 40 cm) and (25 x 10 cm)

For the biological control in protected crops yellow and blue sticky traps are indispensable for detection and monitoring of flying pests. Furthermore, the use of sticky traps can partially contribute to an effective control of these pests. Sticky traps provide information to the grower about the presence and population evolution of certain pests. This information is important to determine the appropriate control strategy and control moment. It is necessary to regularly inspect (1-2 times/week) the traps and to count insects on the sticky traps.

Bug-Scan® IVOG®-System and Bug-Scan® IVOG®-System (B) are divisible yellow or blue sticky traps (25 x 10 cm and 25 x 40 cm). Like the regular Bug-Scan® sticky traps, they have a counting grid and they provide clear information on the presence and population evolution of pests. However, they are unique because of their perforated ready-to-divide design. Depending on the crop and the application, the Bug-Scan® IVOG®-System sticky traps can easily be divided in smaller units. This can all be done without dirtying one's hands or clothes.
The ready-to-divide design and enclosed suspension wires make the Bug-Scan® IVOG®-System sticky traps easy to use and adaptable to the needs of every grower.

Push a wooden stick through both openings and you get a little flag, adjustable in height, which you can place directly next to the plant in the soil.
Preventively 1-2 sticky trap units per m² flower box will do. Curatively one sticky trap unit per plant should be placed. In the professional greenhouse farming it is recommended to use the entire sticky traps or larger units.
Like the regular Bug-Scan® products, Bug-Scan® IVOG®-System and Bug-Scan® IVOG®-System (B) provide an ecological protection measure against pests; they are made of recycled plastic of the highest quality which guarantees a long life span. The glue used is non-toxic, water-proof and does not dry up or soften and drip off in warm conditions. Furthermore, the size of the sticky traps is not affected by temperature, atmospheric humidity and UV radiation.

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