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Obtain sublime plants thanks to this pack of stimulators Try Pack Stimulant by Biobizz which completes your range of basic fertilizers. Your plants are stronger, bigger and your flowers bigger and tastier thanks to these organic stimulators for an organic culture in top form.
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Properties of the Biobizz Try Pack:

  • Perfect for beginners, this pack can complement your basic fertilizer range for best results.
  • Very economical, the three products in this pack are in sufficient doses to maintain 1 to 4 plants.
  • All Try Pack Stimulant stimulators are 100% organic.

To increase your yield and obtain healthy plants, the use of stimulators is very beneficial. Indeed, basic fertilizers provide the nutrients necessary for the proper development of your cannabis plant, but the addition of certain elements favors the results obtained and strengthens the plant.

A pack of 3-in-1 organic stimulators for resplendent plants

This pack contains three flagship products from Biobizz in 250ml format, suitable for all growing stages: Root Juice, Top Max and Alg-a-Mic.

  • Root Juice: This is the ultimate root stimulator. It multiplies root development, improves nutrient uptake and stimulates the microbial life of the substrate for large plants full of vigor and ready to support flowers.
  • Top Max: This product is mainly composed of humic acids which will affect the formation, size and taste of the flowers. Your harvest gains in weight and quality.
  • Alg-a-Mic: This is the favorite ally of beginners since it reduces all types of stress in plants, forgiving growers mistakes. Less stress means more performance thanks to the magic of the algae contained in this product.

Whether you grow indoors or outdoors, the Try Pack Stimulant is a must have to get the best results in your organic grow. The ingredients used by Biobizz are carefully selected and 100% organic for a healthier and tastier consumption.

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