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Biotabs PK Booster Compost Tea is a concentrated blend of compost, bat guano, kelp, phosphorus (P) releasing and Potassium (K) mobilising bacteria, and selected special ingredients. PK Booster by Biotabs is a complete "do it yourself" fertilizing pack, to feed your plants with an extra boost of P and K that will increase the size and the weight of your flowers in a natural and organic way.


Thanks to PK Booster compost tea high quality ingredients, your plants will take advantage of a mineral and beneficial bacteria source out of this world. This concentrated compost, blend of compost, bat guano, kelp, p releasing and k mobilizing bacteria, is one of the best starting points to get more and better crops.

To get major benefit of PK Booster it is necessary to mix 15 grams of PK Booster compost with 5ml of Orgatrex in a liter of water, and oxygenate the solution (within an air pump not included) for 24-36 hours. Once this is done, water the plants with 500ml per plant.

With a blend produced between PK Booster and Orgatrex we will get an enriched solution of all necessary elements to increase the yields, adding all phosphorus and potassium necessary for a massive bloom.This product contains organic matter, that may be affected by mold. If this happen, it does NOT affect its quality.

PK Booster Compost characteristics

Form: Powdery compost.

Organic: Yes.

Dose and how to brew: Add (15 grams of PK Booster) + (5ml of Orgatrex) to 1 liter of water. Pump air to the solution for 24-36 hours and water the plants with 500ml per plant.

To be used in: Indoors and outdoors along flowering stage of plants grown in soil or coco.

PK Booster

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