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BioTaps tablets are a complete fertilizer in the form of slowly dissolving tablets. The Biotabs tablets are placed in the pot at the beginning of the crop, and they release the necessary amount of fertilizer as they are diluted, thus ensuring perfect fertilization of the plants, without excesses or deficiencies. Biotaps Tablets are a premium quality organic fertilizer suitable for growing in soil and coconut fiber.

One of the biggest drawbacks in growing plants is usually fertilizing the plants. Most growers, especially those with less experience, tend to have difficulties due to poor dosage of the products, which leads to poor plant health, nutrient deficiencies and excesses, and generally lower final production.

The greatest advantage of Biotabs tablets is based on the fact that it is an organic fertilizer with long-term action, since it will be diluted throughout the entire crop, providing the necessary nutrients for healthy growth and flowering.

BioTabs tablets work by combining an organic fertilizer with beneficial soil bacteria and the rest of the BioTabs stimulators, achieving a 100% organic, top-quality crop, with a final production, which in most cases will improve what has been achieved so far. . The tablets are composed of slow-acting Nitrogen, bone meal, blood meal, feather meal, fish meal, natural humic acids and beneficial bacteria.

For its proper functioning, each of the Biotabs tablets must be buried 5-10 cm deep in the substrate and then proceed to watering.

Features of BioTabs Tablets

  •     NPK Composition: 12-9-9
  •     Ratio volume of the pot with number of tablets:
  •     < 5l: 1 tablet
  •     10l: 2 tablets
  •     20l: 3 tablets
  •     30l: 4 tablets
  •     50l: 4 tablets
  •     60l: 5 tablets
  •     70l: 6 tablets

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