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Sensi Seeds Black Domina feminized seeds are one of the most demanded indica in history. Black Domina marijuana has been used in multiple crossing along history, by its characteristic quick flowering time, large yields, and sweet taste. This feminized version of Black Domina allows growers to save growing-space, and time, because it only produces female plants.

Black Domina marijuana strain is one of the most indica strains ever bred, that has gaigned a worldwide fame in-between growers from all over the world by its characteristic quick flowering time, high yields, top quality resin, and resistance against high temperatures.

Black Domina feminized seeds are even easier to grow than regular ones, because they help growers who won't need to separate males from females, saving space and time, keeping the characteristics from the original strain that make her so famous. Black Domina is a four-way breeding hybrid, what creates a hybrid 95% indica. At Sensi Seeds they started with a Northern Lights, crossed with an Ortega (a less-known strain but of top quality), then crossed it with a Hash Plant, and later on with a selected Afghani that brings densisty and bigger sized of the flowerts.

Growing Black Domina cannabis plans we can expect large yields, with a low variety of phenotypes, all of them with the indica characteristics like short height, intense resin production, large and dense buds, and a quick flowering time. Black Domina marijuana plants will overstand by its dark green leaves color and, if temperatures drop enough, by its purple buds, with long orange hairs that sparkle thanks to its resin. This indica is a great option for less experienced growers, that will get great crop wil low effords, thanks to an easy to grow genetics, very resistant in non-ideal conditions.

This is a perfect strains for extractions (kief, water hash or within solvents), thanks to the quantity, and size of the trichomes. Those resin extracts lovers can get up to a 20% return form her!

The structure of Black Domina cannabis plants is compact, with tendency to develope a hige main cola (it also responds good to topping creating many mains). Its flowering time is really short (arround 50 days), saving many problems to growers indoors (who will be able to produce more crops per year) and outdoors (where plants will be ready to harvest before first rain-drops.

The effect is powerful and narcotic, ideal to solve pain, insomnia, and muscle tension. It is not specially recommended for a day-time use, unless you need to relax. Taste is sweet and sour, with blackberry tones, black pepper and hash. Those with better palate will detect an earthy base (from the Afghani).

Black Domina feminizaded seeds Sensi Seeds

Sex: Feminized.

Genotype: 95% indica - 5% sativa.

genetics: Northern Lights x Ortega x Hash Plant x Afghani.

Flowering time: 50-55 days.

Yield: High.

Size: Compact.

Taste: Sweet.

Effect: relaxing, narcotic.

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