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Cannabis Social Clubs new regulation in Catalonia

Last June 28th the catalan parliament passed a new law that regulates the functioning of CSC (Cannabis Social Clubs) thanks to the ILP (Popular Legislation Initiative) introduced by La Rosa Verda group, and supported by more than 5000 people. This new pass forward in regulation brings, at least, a bit of light to these cannabis smoker clubs functioning, wich up to date had been working with their own regulations, that had caused repeatedly police actions, closing some locals, and opening penalty processes against some of their workers.

Catalan parliament vote to pass the bill

After the ILP introduced by Rosa Verda, on June 28th the catalan parliament voted the purpose of a law referring Cannabis Consumers Associations, resulting in most of the votes for, except the votes of PPC (right wing party) that voted against, and from Germà Gordó deputy who abstained, so the law passed.

First European Law regulating CSC

Thanks to the pass of this new law, pioneer in whole Europe, some norms about setting up, organization, and functioning have been set.
This law says members from these Cannabis Clubs must be over 18, and should be inscribed in a registration book to be able to count the amount of cannabis acquired by each member, and the date it was acquired.
It also sets an hygienic control protocol, sanitary of activities, in addition to risk prevention. Specially important this point, because it was the cause why TC (Constitutional Court) suspended the law that regulated consumption and acquiring of those clubs in Navarra (north of Spain) in 2015, due to considering it was incurring in Federal competences of State about penal legislation, public security and health.

The future of Catalan law about Cannabis Clubs

SantYerbasi crew has contacted a law office, and they informed us that even the law was passed yesterday by catalan parliament it can be appealed by any party.

More regulation for better control

An interesting position adopted by Ciudadanos deputy (Noemí de la Calle) who agrees the content of the law, even being expectant against possible frustation for being cannabis legalization a Federal desition.
Raül Moreno (Socialist deputy) highlights the mission of this law is not another than regulating something that previously exists with the will of offering more security to cannabis users.

Cannabis Social

Partido Popular against

As always in life, there are also haters, as Alberto Villagrasa deputy, from PP, who stands on no to a law that pretends to regulate consumption of a drug, what for him can not be consent.

The war on drugs has failed

Wheter or not, what actually can be perceived with the pass of this law (and other that step forward for cannabis legalization worldwide) is the end of the war on drugs, what has cost millions to public budget, besides a lower quality of what's found in black market, what derives in the end consumer.

From SantYerbasi we hope this will be a new start, from wich a new green future will be built for cannabis, so all users will be able to grow and consume this substance, with no fear of being seized, fined, nor marginated for doing so.
For the moment, this is a step forward for nomalization, so we applaud catalan goverment for having nuts to do so!

Wish you dank

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