Bluelab pH probe replacement

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Original Spare ph probe Bluelab for Guardian Monitor and Bluelab Combo Meter. Bluelab pH Probe.

Original Replacement to replace the pH probe once it has reached its final use.

Bluelab pH probe Applications:

     Plants in the greenhouse.
     Plants in soil.

Bluelab pH probe features:

     Board and waterproof cable.
     Quality fit and seal BNC.
     Longevo plastic body.
     High quality cable.

Bluelab pH probe Specifications:

Material: Plastic

Temperature Range: 0-60 ° C

Waterproof: Yes (2 meters)

Electrode length: 163mm (max)

Diameter: 12mm

Cable length: 2 meters

PH range pH 0-14

Accuracy: 0.01 in calibrators

Displacement: 0.5 pH

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