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Buford OG regular-12 seeds

Buford OG seeds by Rare Dankness are a hybrid, mostly indica, with a deep kush side, that presents a very stable offspring, with low variation between phenotypes, what eases the work of the grower. Buford OG cannabis has a kushy lemony taste, with a tangie aroma from its New York City Diesel side. Rare Dankness puts its stamp on again, in a strain with a quick flowering period, that will not leave you indifferent.

Rare Dankness is not one of those bulk seedbanks,with many low-shlef strains. This seedbank has earned a great reputation, that turned into many cannabis cups awards, so purchasing any strain from them you acquire their guarantee stamp. Each strain from this seedbank represents a huge efford to find what Scott (Rare Dankness' breeder) was looking for.

In this case, Buford OG seeds show a long work again to come out with a new strain, Scott used a Sour Kush (OG Kush x Oregon New York City Diesel) that crossed with its well-known male plant Rare Dankness #1 (already used in multiple crossings from this seedbank).

The result is amazing, with a strian able to finish its flowering period in 50-65 days, depending on each phenotype, with tones of lemon, and tangerine flavours that will make all grower drool just to look at her. Budford OG regular seeds develope male, and female, plants with a low variation in-between individuals (specially in structure and yielding capacities) proportioning a high calyx to leaf ratio, and a superior resin production.

If your a Diesel strain lover, but you were missing a bit more of a stoney buzz, this could be one of your favourite cannabis strains.

In the garden, Buford OG cannabis plants will develope quickly, with a typical stretch from kush strains along pre-flowering stage, filling the spaces with dense buds, and a wonderful resin production. This is an easy to grow strain, with great results both, indoors and outdoors.

Rare Dankness Buford OG regular

Sex: Regular.

Genotype: Hybrid.

Genetics: Sour OG x Rare Dankness #1.

Flowering period: 50-65 days.

Harvest: Mid. October.

Yield: Medium-High.

Taste: Lemon.

Aroma: Tangerine.

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