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Cali Pro Grow A+B fertilizers by Emerald Harvest represent one of the professional nutrients for growing stage with highest quality. Cali Pro Grow is a 2-compound fertilizer (A & B) for vegetative stage of plants. This base nutrient brings in all essential nutrients for a vigorous and quick developement, a must for abondant bloom. In addition it is easy to use and dose, simplifying much the preparation besides avoiding errors.

¿What's Cali Pro Grow by Emerald Harvest?

Cali Pro Grow A+B is a 2-part base nutrient, A and B, formuled to cover all feeding needings of plants during vegetative stage and early flowering stage.

This 2-part fertilizer must be added at equal parts from A and B in the mix.

Cali Pro Grow contains 4 chelated micro nutrients what means the best possible quality):

  1. Copper: That activates enzyms of plants and helps chlorofil production and lignin formation
  2. Iron: That helps chlorofil production and activates methabolic processes that take part in photosynthesis.
  3. Manganese: That works in collab with iron in chlorofil production.
  4. Zinc: That takes part in plant's growth regulation.

Characteristics and composition of professional 2-part nutrient for growing

The main characteristic of this 2 compounds base nutrients is it must be added to water at equal parts (same amount of A than B). This makes extremelly easy to prepare the nutrient solution.

You must know that part A and part B have different compositions, and should never be mixed without dilluting them (always add part A to water and then add part B).

An important detail of 2-part fertilizers like Cali Pro Grow is that thanks to being a fertilizers formuled in 2 compounds, the formula is way more complete and rich in macro and micro nutrients than 1-part fertilizers. This is possible thanks to keeping the compounds separately.

Composition of Cali Pro Grow part A

  • NPK: 3-0-0
  • Total Nitrogen: 3%.

Ammonia Nitrogen: 0,5%

Nitrógeno nítrico: 2%.

Ureic Nitrogen: 0,5%

  • Calcium: 2%.
  • Boron: 0,02%.
  • Cobalt: 0,0005%.
  • Copper: 0,005%.

0,005% chelated copper.

  • Iron: 0,1%

0,1% chelated iron

  • Manganese: 0,04%.

0,04% chelated manganese.

  • Molibdene: 0,002%.
  • Sodium: 0,1%.
  • Zinc: 0,02%.

0,02% chelated zinc.

Derived from calcium nitrate, ammonia nitrate, urea, cobalt nitrate, iron EDTA, sodium borate, sodium molibdate, copper EDTA, manganese EDTA, zinc EDTA.

Content of Cali Pro Grow part B

  • NPK: 2-2-5.
  • Total Nitrogen: 2,0%.

0,3%: ammonia nitrogen.

1,7%: nitric nitrogen.

  • Available phosphate (P2O5): 2%.
  • Soluble Potash (K2O): 5%.
  • Magnesium: 0,5%.

0,5% water soluble magnesium.

  • Sulfur: 0,5%.

0,5% combined sulfur

Derived from potassium nitrate, monopotasic phosphate, magnesium nitrate, ammonium nitrate, magnesium sulphate.

Dose adn how to use Cali Pro Grow A+B fertilizer

Cali Pro Grow A+B fertilizer by Emerald Harvest is a highly concentrated nutrient that must be dosed properly to adjust the dose to the size and needings of plants.

Emerald Harvest recommends a dose between 0,5 ml/L and 1,25 ml/L, what clearly shows how concentrated the fertilizer is, you must add it with care to your nutrient solution.

Keep in mind that these dosages refer to the amount you should add of each part (A and B).

Dosages of Cali Pro Grow A+B in vegetative stage

Seedlings adn cuttings: 0,5 ml/L.

Transplants: 0,75 ml/L.

Early vegetative stage: 1,0 ml/L.

Late vegetative stage: 1,25 ml/L.

Motherplants: 1,25 ml/L.

Dose of Cali Pro Grow in flowering phase

Semana 1 - transición: 1,25 ml/L.

Tips and advises when using Cali Pro Grow nutrients

As we already explained, Cali Pro Grow by Emerald Harvest is a highly concentrated 2-part nutrient. It is so important to check the pH and EC of your nutrient solution before irrigation occurs to asure you are using optimal values.

Another interesting tip we can share with you is to keep adding Cali Pro Grow further more than the first week of flowering (at least until week 3 of bloom). This low dose of Cali Pro Grow A+B (0,5-0,75 ml/L) during the first 3 weeks asures a more vigorous flowering, and enhances flower density.

A good tip for those who like to save days of growing stage is to combine the use of Cali Pro Grow with Root Wizard. These two products together will force your plants to take off quickly

Recommended Ph for Cali Pro Grow during growing phase

The recommended pH during growing phase is 5,8-6,0.

Recommended pH of Cali Pro Grow in bloom

The recommended pH for bloom phase is 6,0-6,2.

Our recommendation is to always check EC of your nutrient solution, as it highly marks the results got. Plants don't like lack of nutrients nor nutrient-locks.

Recommended EC during growing stage

In vegetative stage never use an EC higher than 1,0 (being 0,8 an optimal value, specially when growing in soil). We are talking about maximum values, so these should only be used in larger plants or motherplants.

With seedlings, or recently rooted cuttings, it will be enough an EC= 0,5. Starting from this point you can weekly raise the dose until reaching the previously mentioned value.

*It is possible that recommended values can be reached with lower amounts of nutrients than suggested by Emerald Harvest. Let's be clear: SantYerbasi recommends this option because we understand it as the good way to grow, what will save problems to your plants, not for saving product.

Recommended EC for flowering stage

Once plants are submited to photoperiod change, you should adjust the EC to each stage of bloom. In this case begining with an EC=1,0. As weeks pass by you should raise this value to a maximum of EC= 1,6 in late flowering (some indica dominant strains may accept EC=1,8 but not all of them).

It is possible that in some websites and blogs that you might find online they recommend you to use high EC values. From SantYerbasi we recommend you to stay away from these fake experienced growers if you pretend your crop to be successful. Remember the principle that less is more. Feed your plants with more products does not strictly mean better results and higher yields.

Cali Pro Grow final reviews and its price

If you are looking for a top shelf fertilizer, to guarantee good results being easy to use and dose, keep reading. This is one of the growing nutrients that mostly surprised us lately.

It is possible that, if you don't have much experience or if you are planing your first grow, a 2-part fertilizer can seem to be something difficult to use, but nothing further than reality. Cali Pro Grow A+B is probably one of the best nutrients for growing stage in market. The quality of the product, and the concentration of it, makes in addition a really cheap product when talking about of price per liter of nutrient solution prepared.

¿What can you demand to Cali Pro Grow by Emerald Harvest? First your plants to don't suffer any lack due fertilizer. Its 2-part formula makes from it a more complete nutrient than traditional 1-compound. Besides it guarantees a super quick developement of your plants, giving them a unique strength. Cali Pro Grow really prepares your plants for an abondant flowering phase.

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