Caluma Force 1000W HPS (Complete Kit + Lightbulb)

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The Caluma Fixture Force 1000W HPS Kit provides a comprehensive solution for cultivation, incorporating an electronic ballast, reflector, and high-performance Lightbulb. With adjustable power (600/660/750/825/1000/1150W) and compatibility with double-ended bulbs, it ensures optimal lighting at every stage of growth. Its efficiency of over 95%, reflector reflection rate of 96%, and IP64 protection make this kit an outstanding choice for cultivation, maximizing yield and durability.


Complete kit for Caluma Fixture Force 1000W HPS cultivation, uniquely integrating an electronic ballast, reflector, and high-performance Lightbulb, providing a complete and convenient solution for your cultivation development. Installation is simplified to the maximum: hang, plug in, and you're ready! Opening the box will be practically the most challenging step.

Features and Advantages:

Power and Flexibility:

The Caluma Fixture Force 1000W luminaire allows you to customize your cultivation kit. The six-step power regulation (600/660/750/825/1000/1150W) lets you adjust light intensity according to your plants' growth stages.

Exceptional Compatibility:

Designed to be compatible with double-ended or double-contact HPS (Sodium) bulbs, the luminaire ensures optimal lighting for your plants.

Advanced Electronic Ballast:

The included ballast in the kit allows versatile power regulation from 600W to 1150W. The soft start function extends the life of bulbs, enabling the simultaneous startup of multiple equipment. Additionally, it provides comprehensive protection against overloads and voltage spikes.

High-Performance Caluma Bulb:

Suitable for the flowering phase. Compact plant growth. Double-ended bulb socket.

  • 1000W / 220V-230V
  • Clear heat: 2000k
  • 147553 lumens

Efficiency and Performance:

With efficiency over 95% and a reflector reflection rate of 96%, this 1000W equipment ensures exceptional performance. The efficient conversion of electrical energy into light means that virtually no energy is wasted, directly benefiting your plants.

Sturdy and Protective Design:

The Caluma Fixture Force 1000W lighting kit goes further by including an IP64 protection level, ensuring resistance to splashes and small water jets. Ideal for frequent foliar applications within cultivation rooms.

Tip for Cultivation Optimization:

To maximize yield and save energy, adjust the ballast to lower consumption positions during vegetative growth and increase power during flowering, especially in the last weeks.

Technical Specifications of the Caluma Fixture Force 1000W Cultivation Kit:

  • Regulable Electronic Ballast
  • High-Performance Caluma 1000W Lightbulb
  • Dimensions: 645x405x160mm
  • Protection Class: IP64
  • Positions: 600/660/750/825/1000/1150W
  • Efficiency >95%
  • Reflector Reflection Rate 96%
  • Frequency 47-63Hz
  • Splash Protection Level IP64
  • Tmax 70ºC
  • Tuso -10-40ºC
  • AC Input 200-270V
  • THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) <10%
  • LightBulb Connection: K12x30s


Short Circuit Protection

Overtemperature Protection

Ignition Failure Protection

Lamp Failure Protection

Standards and Certifications:

Safety Regulation: IEC61347

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