Canna D-Block

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Canna D-Block is an organic product created to avoid obstructions in drippers and irrigation systems. D-Block by Canna is formuled with anionic detergents that prevent obstructions impossible to dissolve, avoiding watering systems to collapse during the growing cycle.


Canna D-Block is non-toxic, and can be used mixed with your nutrient schedule in every irrigation. It could also be used alone, to clean the pipes and drippers once finished the growing cycle.

If we use D-Block as a preventinve in every watering, we should make sure the pipes and drippers remain wet internally between irrigations.

At Cana they recommend to always use D-Block before begining a new crop, filling the tank with D-Black and water, adjusting the pH value of the solution to 5.2, to protect the system and prevent any obstructions during the next growing cycle.

Canna D-Block can be used with any type of nutrients, when growing in soli, coco or hydroponics.

Dosage D-Block Canna

10 ml per 100 liters of nutrient solution.

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