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Caramelo, from Delicious Seeds, is a selected Lavender plant. This plant with hawaiian inheritage, grows vigorously, and flowers quickly, resulting in a perfect strain to outdoor grower. Thanks to its vigorous growth, it is also a perfect plant for SCROG gardeners. Caramelo has a flowering time of 8-9 weeks, with medium yields, indoors, and a THC level close to 20%.

Delicius Seeds Caramel has the following properties:

  • Diverse genetics: It is a hybrid of Hawaiian, Afghan, Colombian and Mexican descent, which gives it great genetic diversity.
  • Sativa characteristics: Although it may seem like an indica hybrid at first, the sativa influence on its genes is evident from its growth potential and size.
  • Excellent results in SCROG cultivation: It reacts quickly to pruning and creates a large network of secondary branches.
  • Floral aroma: Gives off a very floral aroma, with notes of musk, lavender and licorice.
  • Pungent and sweet flavor: It has a pungent and sweet flavor, nutmeg type with a skunky background.
  • Strong Sativa character and power: She has a fast, euphoric high, but becomes calmer after a while. A pleasant brain stimulation is always maintained.

This exceptionally diverse plant stems from a spectacular selection of Lavender's best indica and sativa phenotypes, including SUPER SKUNK, BIG SKUNK KOREAN, AFGHANI-HAWAIIAN. Caramelo is a hybrid that presents great genetic diversity, coming from Hawaiian, Afghan, Colombian and Mexican ancestry. It is a plant with mainly sativa characteristics, which are evident in its growth potential and size, but it may initially appear to be an indica hybrid. Caramelo gives excellent results in SCROG cultivation, as it reacts quickly to pruning and creates a large network of secondary branches. Outdoors, its size must be controlled to obtain abundant flowering, and if medium-sized plants are desired, it is possible to germinate it later to reduce its vegetative growth, which in this variety is very vigorous.

This plant has a very floral aroma with notes of musk, lavender and licorice. When breaking up the buds, the aroma intensifies, with spicy floral aromas predominating. Its flavor is pungent and sweet, with a touch of nutmeg and a skunky background. The effects of Caramelo are powerful and sativa in character, causing a fast and euphoric high, which becomes calmer over time. Although a pleasant brain stimulation is always maintained.

Caramelo has been awarded several prizes, including the first prize in the Cannabis Cup Thais Maria 2011 and the second prize in the first cannabis meeting "LA MARINA" 2010 and in Alacannabis 2011.

Caramel seeds by Delicius Seeds have a genotype of 70% sativa and 30% indica, with a THC content of 20%. Harvest time indoors is 60-70 days, and outdoors is harvested in early October. Production is 400-450gr/m2 indoors and 500gr/m2 outdoors. Caramelo is a feminized plant and its lineage is Lavender x Lavender. It has a high resistance to mold and a medium tolerance to irrigation, with a medium resistance to pests. The taste of the plant is that of a sweet fruit and it has an energetic and long-lasting effect. Its medicinal value is average.

Characteristics of Caramel seeds from Delicius Seeds

  • Genotype: 70% sativa 30% indica
  • THC: 20%
  • Indoor Harvest Time: 60 to 70 days
  • Taste: sweet fruit
  • Trim Mode: In/Out
  • Production: 400-450gr/m2 interior / 500 gr/m2 exterior
  • Smell: Very High
  • Effect: Energetic, very long-lasting
  • Mold resistance: High
  • Outdoor Harvest Time: Early October
  • Pest resistance: Medium
  • Sex: Feminized
  • Lineage: Lavender X Lavender
  • Irrigation tolerance: Medium
  • Medicinal value: Medium

All the prizes for Caramel seeds from the Delicious Seeds seed bank:

  • 2nd outdoor prize - la marina baixa cannabis cup 2010
  • 1st indoor – thais maria cup 2011
  • 2nd indoor – alacannabis cup 2011
  • 2nd indoor – Cannarian Cannabis Cup 2012
  • 2nd Indoor – canary Islands summer cup pro 2012
  • 1st indoor - cannabis secret cup 2014 cannarias
  • 1st indoor – MF
  • 3rd indoor – asonnabis cup 2015
  • 1st indoor – C.A.B.A. cup 2015
  • 1st prize – 2015 Resin Championship. Silver Cup.
  • 1st indoor – ACBB CUP (Torrelavega) 2015
  • 3rd indoor – ACBB CUP (Torrelavega) 2015
  • 3rd prize DABADOO - URUGUAY - 2016
  • 2nd Outdoor - Fresh Cup Zaragoza 2016 (NSA)
  • 1st prize Associations - THC Valencia - 2018
  • 2nd Extraction - Secret Cup - Napoli 2018

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