CEZIO 3-7 l/h humidifier

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CEZIO 3-7 l/h humidifier

One Humidifier, 3 settings. Choose from between 3, 5 or 6.5ltrs output by simply adjusting the housing.

No plant can live without water, indeed most plants are composed mostly out of water and the health of a plant will depend directly on the relative Humidity of its surroundings. Leaves lose water through evaporation through their stomata – small openings in special cells on the leaf surface where gaseous exchange takes place. If the relative Humidity is too low, a plant will start to give up some of its water into the surrounding air which will result in the plant drying out and wilting.

The Cezio Humidifier is easy to install. Connect direct to water supply or to water tank.

With a wide range of applications:
Domestic and offical usages, Greenhouses, Timber Industries, Propagation room, Research Chamber, Storage Room, Mushroom and Orchid cultivation.

Technical Specification

Coverage 100m² to 150m²
Particle size 5~20microns
Power consumption 90W
Humidification Capacity 3,000 ~ 6,500cc/hour
Feed Water Pressure Less thank 5kg/cm²
Dimensions 39cm x 39cm x 45cm
Weight 7.7kgs

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