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Chempie seeds by Ripper Seeds are a hybrid born from a crossing Cherry Pie x Chemdawg x Do-si-dos. Chempie is an ideal strain to fin the phenotype you like most, with presence of some of the most demanded strains nowadays. Chempie is a mostly sativa hybrid with quick flowering period, that yields large and dense nugs, coated with copious amounts of resin.

Ripper Seeds introduces to their catalogue a new strain, fruit from a breeding project with some of the best elite clones from United States. Chempie is a hybrid (Cherry Pie x Chemdawg x Do-si-dos) that comes out in a strain with a spectacular offspring variation, what gives growers the possibility to find different phenotypes to hunt and keep, to find the ones that better fit our needings.

Chempie cannabis plants do well under different growing techniques (specially reacts good to FIM pruning) producing large side-branches that will balance the canopy. Due these type of prunings that improve yields, it is recommended to lollypop its lower branches (on the 2nd-3rd week to 12/12) to get the plant to send all its energy to the tops, where it will receive more amount of light.

Arrived to flowering stage, Chempie produce long and thin pistils, that will become large, compact and resin coated flowers. The flowering period is about 60 days (depending on each phenotype could vary up to 1 week more). Outdoors Chempie cannabis plants will be ready to harvest in Mid. October, getting high yields.

Ripper Seeds Chempie

Sex: Feminized.

Genotype: 60% sativa - 40% indica.

Genetics: Cherry Pie x Chemdawg x Do-si-dos.

Flowering period: 60-65 days.

Harvest: Mid. October.

Yields: High.

Taste: Sweet.

Aroma: Earthy.

Effect: Powerful and social.

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