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Chronic Hazeis a mix of genetics from all arround the world. This indica-sativa hybrid show better yields than Haze strains, in a shorter flowering time.

The genetic mixture originally used to create the parents of our Chronic Haze is very broad and involves common forebears given that Chronic is a cross between Northern Light, Skunk and AK 47, which are themselves indica/ sativa hybrids from Afghan, Colombian, Mexican and Thai genetics; all of which opens up several possibilities when it comes to crossing these two famous strains. After some initial selection and crossing, we chose a fruity specimen with incense notes, giving a new twist to both flavours, which produced higher yields in a shorter flowering period than Haze. Growth is very vigorous, especially during the pre-flowering stage, so the utmost care must be taken to control the height the plants reach before flowering as they may grow too high.

Sex: Feminised

Lineage: Haze/Chronic

Genotype: 60% sativa / 40% indica

Grow Method: indoor/outdoor

Harvest Time (indoors): 65 days

Harvest Time (outdoors): mid October

Yield: 350-450g indoor / 350-500g outdoor

Taste: Sweet, fruity with Sandalwood

Aroma: Fruity

Effect: Strong, balanced

THC: 20%

Resistance to Mould: High

Resistance to Pests: High

Medicinal Value: Medium

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