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B'cuzz Coco Bloom Stimulator is a bloom enhancer specific for plants grown in coco. This Atami bud thicker should be used from early stages of flowering until flushing period, getting an increase of yields, density of flowers, and an improved resin production.

Growing cannabis in coco has become popular, for the many characteristics of this growing medium, that make it suitable for growing cannabis indoors and outdoors. That's why Atami, grouped in their B'cuzz fertilizers and boosters, now offers specific products for plants grown in coco like this Coco Bloom Stimulator.

Coco Bloom Stimulator brings in all advantages of Bloom Stimulator, with few changes in its formula, to adapt it to the demands and characteristics of crops grown in coco.

If we pretend getting a good result using Coco Bloom Stimulator, we should add it to our base-nutrients schedule, from early stages of bloom until flushing period, what will give us more flowers, with increased amounts of resin. Coco Bloom Stimulator boosts micro life in substrate, and improves aeration in it, what derives in healthier plants, stronger, and in a susbtrate free from harmfull wastes, thanks to the organic origin of this product.

Looking for best performance we aim you to combine the use of Coco Bloom Stimulator with Coco Booster.

B'cuzz Coco Bloom Stimulator

Type: Bloom enhancer.

For: Plants grown in coco.

Use: From early stages of bloom until flushing period.

Dose: 0,5-1 ml/L. Start adding in in lower dose and rise it as plants accept it, depending on its flowering stage.

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