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After making public the agreement between Dinafem and Sherbinski (breeder of the original Girl Scout Cookies) and releasing the first Dinafem Cookies strain now this seedbank introduces the Cookies Autoflowering seeds, an autoflowering version of one of the most popular strains worlwide: Girl Scout Cookies.

Cookies Autoflowering inherits the best from Girl Scout Cookies, being enhanced by the strength and quickness of OG Kush AUtoflowering, that makes it an autoflowering strain ready to harvest in 75 days from germination. This strain is suitable for indoor and outdoor growing (specially in warm climates with short summers)

Cookies Autoflowering is a medium-sized plant, with good side-branching, and large internodal space that allows a good airflow for her flowers, besides a good light penetration, what turns into good yields at the end of the growing cycle.

The yields are good, with a long and thick main cola, totally covered with resin. This main cola is surrounded by good side-branches that will help getting a good compromise in yields.

The aroma of flowers is kush type, with earthy and citrus tones, together with a sweet undertones that makes it very interesting. The effect is string, with THC levels of 20%, euphoric at the begining, turning to a deep mind and body relax.

In the garden Cookies Autoflowering is an easy to grow plant, that is ready to harvest in 75 days from germination, being a strong strain that resists hostile climates. As it happens with othe rautoflowering strains, it is recommended the use of a root booster along vegetative stage (that will last for 30 days) before strating to flower. This will help getting a bigger plant, able to get heavier crops.

Cookies Autoflowering Dinafem

Sex: Feminized.

Genotype: 50% indica - 50% rudelaris.

Genetics: Girl Scout Cookies x OG Kush Autoflowering.

Harvest: 75 days from germination.

Yields: 450 g/m2 - 200 g/plant.

Taste: Sweet.

Aroma: Earthy.

THC: 20%.

CBD: 0,2%.

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