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SantYerbasi is glad to introduce the new Critical+ Autoflowering CBD marijuana by Dinafem, a 100% autoflowering strain with high content of CBD. Critical+ Auto CBD is cannabidiol rich, what brings a high medical value, in addition to all known characteristics deom her sister Critical+ Autoflowering, like its Skunk characteristic aroma. Critical+ Autoflowering CBD seeds are ideal for users looking for cannabis benefits, but prefer strains with softer psicoactive effect.


Critical+ Autoflowering CBD overstand by keeping the charactistic that made famous her sister Critical+ Auto, together with a higher content of CBD, what guarantees a quick flowering strain, heavy yielder, besides leaving a pleasant feeling of wellness.

Critical+ Autoflowering CBD seeds produce female plants, 100% autoflowering, with long branches, and a notorious internodal space. This strain is a compact buds heavy producer, with tons of resin on them. Critical+ Autoflowering CBD marijuana plants are easy to grow, what almost guarantees good results not matter the experience of the grower. This is a great strain to grow indoors and outdoors, getting best results in SOG type of gardens (indoors), and in 11L-15L pots (outdoors).

The effect of Critical+ Autoflowering CBD cannabis buds is softer than her sister's, proportioning a wellness and pleasant feeling, thanks to a less psychoactive effect, easy to manage by tokers with low tolerance.

The taste and flavor is a classical lemony Skunk from Critical+, with tones of orange (brought by Auto CBD).

We recommend to all growers planning to choose Critical+ Autoflowering CBD seeds to germinate the seeds and then place them into the deffinitive pot. Autoflowering strains may suffer from stress when transplanted (so it's better to avoid it). If we pretend to get the highest yields possible form it, it is also recommended to use a good root stimulator to feed them along vegetative stage (to get the plants grow much as possible before flowering stage starts).

Critical+ Autoflowering CBD seeds

Sex: feminized.

Genotype: 20% sativa - 30% indica - 50% Rudelaris (Auto).

Genetics: Critical+ 2.0 Autoflowering x Auto CBD.

Life cycle: 70 days from germination.

Yield: 450-500 g/sqm - 60-170 g/plant.

Taste: Lemon.

Aroma: Skunk.

Medicinal: Yes.

Ratio THC/CBD: 1:2.

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