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Dank Commander regular-12 seeds

Dank Commander seeds are a regular strains from Rare Dankness that produce male or female plants. Dank Commander marijuana won the first prize in Legeneds of Hashish 2013, what guarantees an overstanding resin extracts. Dank Commander cannabis strain is a cross between Catpiss OG and Rare Dankness #2.

Rare Dankness Dank Commander is a cross Catpiss OG x Rare Dankness #2, that brings a blend between old school genetics and most modern one. This unique scented hybrid has the typical lemon lime and fuel from OG, together with tones of pine and skunk in the mix.

Growing Dank Commander it overstands by its distictive cat piss smell, that requires odour filter to avoid undiscreet odours. Dank Commander marijuana plants have great vigorousity and a huge flower production, that requires help to told them due to its heavy weight.

Due to her dense calyx, it is recommended a good airflow, and low humidity, to prevent against mold.

Talking about resin extracts, Dank Commander deserves an honourific mention, because she creates a very high quality extracts, specially Drysift.

Caraterísticas de Dank Commander

Sex: Regular.

Genotype: Indica dominant.

Genetics: Catpiss OG x Rare Dankness #2.

Flowering: 65 days.

Harvest outdoors: Early October.

Yield: High.

taste: Lemon lime.

Effect: Relaxing.

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