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Auto Dark Devil, from Sweet Seeds, is an autoflowering marijuana strain, crossing of Big Devil XL and a purple buds autoflowering plant. Automatic marijuana Auto Dark Devil, is ready to harvest 12 weeks after germination, with a maximum height of 130cm, and yields up to 600 grams, indoors, and 200 grams per plant, outdoors.

Variety 100% automatic. Result of hybridization between one of our most valued genetic autoflowering, the Big Devil XL autoflowering genetics and exotic purple flowers developed in collaboration with the R & D department of Buddha Seeds feminized seeds. The purple character of this gene is inherited from their ancestors in the area of Chitral in the Hindu Kush Pakistan, near the Afghan border.
Genetics brings speed abode in bloom, purple sweet aromas and colors our Big Devil XL.

Auto Dark Devil shows a strong hybrid vigor from germination. The plants grow like an Indica-sativa hybrid with strong stem and numerous side branches, a large central bud and multiple smaller buds on the side branches. Resin production is abundant both in the buds and in the leaves near these. Sweet and fruity aroma incense and citrus tones. About 80% of individuals of this variety in the buds acquire purpling, or reddish purple during flowering, some individuals also leaves turn purple during flowering.

Once harvested, and dried, buds have a brownish dark purple, almost black.

Auto Dark Devil Characteristics:

Autoflowering 100%

Yields Indoor: 400-600 g/m2

Yields Outdoor: 50-200 g / plant

Harvest Indoors-Outdoors: 8 ½ weeks from germination

Height: 80-130 cm

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