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De-ionization kit- Kit 10"
De-ionization kit- Kit 20"

Growmax Water De-ionization kit is a reverse osmosis filter accessorie. The De-ionization kit is necessary for those users that need 000 ppm water. Growmax Water De-ionization Kit is available in two different sizes: 10" and 20". The 10" De-Ionization kit works for Power Grow and Mega Grow reverse osmosis equipments, while the 20" De-ionization Kit is suitable for Growmax 3000.

The de-ionization filter kit is an accessorie to assemble to any of the different reverse osmosis systems from Growmax Water to get water of 000 ppm, or 0,00 EC. This de-ionization filter should be assembled post filter (after the water has passed through the entire filter way.

De-ionization filters are so useful for watering plants, and fish tanks, where salts could be harmful for fishes health.

Characteristics of De-Ionization filter kit 10"

  • 10" Blue Housing
  • Metal White Bracket with screws
  • 10" De-Ionization Cartridge
  • 1/4" Quick connect fittings
  • 3m 1/4" White tubing
  • Filter Wrench
  • Inline 1/4" tube/ Tube Ball valve Shut-off

Characteristics of De-ionization filter kit 20"

  • 20" Blue Housing
  • Wall mount bracket and screws
  • 20" De-ionization cartridge
  • 2 Quick connect fittings
  • 3m. White tubing
  • Filter wrench
  • Inline Ball Valve shut-off

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