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Delicious Candy Early Version seeds by Delicious Seeds are born from a crossing Cheese x Caramelo, giving as a result a mostly indica strain with a quick flowering period, able to get heavy yields in a record time, finishing its flowering period almost 10 days before the quickest strains. The effect of Delicious Candy is couch-locking, with a sweet taste and flavor.


Delicious Candy Early Version is a quick flowering strain derived from Delicious Candy by Delicious Seeds. Delicious Candy was born from a crossing Exodus Cheese x Caramelo (a selected version of a Lavender). In order to get this new Early Version of Delicious Candy the breeders at Delicious Seed took a selected cut that better represented the strain and crossed it with rudelaris to shorten the flowering period, keeping the same taste and flavor characteristic of Delicious Candy, a genetic that can finish its flowering period up to 10 days before her sister.

Delicious Candy Early Version is explosive at different levels, with plants that produce a huge main cola surrounded by many side-branches, that will help maximize its yields. Delicious Candy Early Version flowers, specially when plants are grown indoors, precise of good airflow to prevent mold, due its high ratio calyx/leaf.

The aroma of Delicious Candy Early Version reminds to sweet blue cheese, with an acid taste, and liquor and candies tones. The effect is energetic at the begining, turning to a more relaxing effect.

Delicious Candy Early Version

Sex: Feminized.

Genotype: 80% indica - 20% sativa.

Genetics: Delicious Candy x Rudelaris.

Flowering period: 45 days.

Harvest: Early September.

Yields: 550 g/m2 - 1000 g/plant.

Mold resistance: High.

Effect: Couch-locking.

THC: 22,4%.

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