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You dreamed it, a cross of Sherbert with a touch of Kush! Kannabia offers us the new Dream Sherbert, which bears its name so well, resulting from a cross with a Pink Panties. The mixture creates an iridescent, resin-covered bud that looks like a mirage in its sheen and varying color tones. This indica is a source of good humor and will become your best friend.

Genetics of Kannabia's Dream Sherbert

The Kannabia seed bank decided to cross a highly indica and powerful Sherbert with a Pink Panties from the USA, creating the woman of your dreams. The Kush genes present in the Dream Sherbert genetics will please everyone, while keeping a strong Sherbert identity which, let's remember, comes from the Girl Scout Cookies family which has been dominating the market lately. The latter knew how to please beyond its incredible taste of cake by its euphoric effect which immerses you in a bubble of well-being. A crossbreed dream!

Dream Sherbert Plant Growth

During Dream Sherbert's vegetative period, you'll see growth typical of indica-dominant strains: bushy, branching, staying relatively low, and with broad leaves. It is perfect to remain discreet in your garden or to overcome a problem of ceiling height indoors. Thanks to its strong genes, it is resistant to diseases, insects but also to the cold. Consider setting up a net to make a SCROG (Screen Of Green) with which you can create better light penetration, given that it becomes very leafy.

The Dream Sherbert in bloom

Be prepared to be wowed by its beauty when it comes to flowering, Dream Sherbert is a real gem to have in your garden. It is the combination of the immaculate radiance of Sherbert and the soft orange and pink colors of Pink Panties, sprinkled with trichomes like so many glitter that make it dazzling. This variety is not the most productive but following our advice and with good care, it will provide you with a beautiful dense harvest whose aroma will fill the productivity that could be lacking.

Production of the Dream Sherbert variety

The Dream Sherbert is not however very below the average production of current varieties. It is still capable of producing up to 500g per square meter and up to 750g on a single plant when grown outdoors. In the latter case, do not hesitate to prolong flowering as much as possible to approach the date of October 10th in order to optimize this beautiful plant. In indoor cultivation, and as we said before, the SCROG will be able to favor an increase in production, especially for the lower flowers which tend to receive less light.

Dream Sherbert Marijuana Flavor and Aroma

We are facing a strain that lends itself perfectly to the summer season. Its refreshing melon flavor is a treat for the taste buds and is nuanced by the typical touch of Kush which will bring a spicy and earthy side. The aroma of pine, combined with this something fresh, recalls peaceful summers in the shade of a pine forest lulled by the chirping of crickets. It is a powerful scent that sensually permeates your environment and that you will not be able to do without.

Effect of Dream Sherbert Kannabia

When Dream Sherbert is consumed, a strong de-stressing effect is felt, relieving your body and mind of all your worries. It is ideal during periods of stress or anxiety attacks to help refocus and enjoy the present moment. With its 18% THC, it has a sedative action that will relieve people suffering from insomnia. Its Sherbert side brings a good mood that will make you smile. It is therefore suitable for the end of long and exhausting days and allows you to take a real break from everyday life.

Tips for Growing Dream Sherbert Seeds

Remember that indoors, the Dream Sherbert responds very well to SCROG, which will allow you to optimize the harvest and cover the space to perfection so as not to lose a crumb of your lamps. For flowering, whether indoors or outdoors, it is recommended to maintain a temperature of 20°C for the last two weeks to preserve this gain in productivity as well as the density of the flowers. The flavor will also be retained as much as possible. Harvest as late as possible outdoors if you are aiming for 750g/plant, a few days is enough to make a difference on the scale.

Characteristics of Dream Sherbert genetics

Gender: Feminized.

Genotype: 70% indica.

Genetics: Sherbert x Pink Panties.

Flowering: 63 days.

Harvest: Between September 25th and October 10th outdoors.

Indoor production: 500g/m2.

Outdoor production: 750g/plant.

Indoor height: 80-100cm.

Outdoor height: 150-200cm.

Flavor: Earthy, fresh.

Aroma: Pine, melon.

Effect: Sedative, body relaxant, anxiolitic.

THC: 18%.

Opinion on the Dream Sherbert from Kannabia

Being big fans of Kush, but also of new varieties that have appeared over the past ten years, at Santyerbasi we are more than delighted to welcome this little gem of Dream Sherbert. This vibrant strain will be a must have for any grower, amateur or experienced. If extreme productivity isn't your goal but you enjoy consuming marijuana more for taste, this Dream Sherbert from the Kannabia seed bank will capture your collector's heart. It marvelously combines the old and the new, each of these traits managing to sublimate the other. Don't wait any longer to have it on hand.

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