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DryPart Grow-1kg
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DryPart by Terra Aquatica is a powder fertilizer highly concentrated, that bring all necessary elements for plant's growth. DryPart is a unique formula in powdery form, that easies the job to the grower, that only has to mix DryPart with water. DryPart Grow by Terra Aquatica is the easiest way, and cheapest, to get great results in every crop.

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Terra Aquatica has developed DryPart, a range of fertilizing products in powder form, that offers growers a high quality option, for a cheaper price.

One of the main advantages of DryPart Grow is its concentration, with low quantity you can prepare many liters of nutrient solution, resulting in saving for growers.

DryPart Grow by Terra Aquatica is a mineral fertilizer for vegetative stage of plants, that can be used growing in soil, coco or hydroponics, with excellent results in all kind of substrates. DryPart improves seedlings and cuttings' growth, bringing essential nutrients for a wide range of plants.

Características de DryPart

Origin: Mineral.

Suitable for: Plants in flowering stage, in any kind of medium..

Formula N-P-K: 5-15-14

Size: Powder (1kg).

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