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Eleven Roses seeds by Delicious seeds are called to become the best strain ever bred by this seedbank. This crossing Sugar Black Rose x Appalachian Kush, finish its flowering period in 55-60 days, sourcing growers with very high yields of flowers with a powerful aroma, resin production and narcotic effect. Eleven Roses is a very resistant strain against pests and mold, with a BHO return of 25%.


When a seedbanks states their new strain is probably their best strain ever bred, at SantYerbasi can do anything but focussing on it.

This Eleven Roses is grouped in a Project-11, in which they targeted to improve the already overstanding Sugar Black Rose, winner of more than 30 cannabis cups. To get it, at Delicious Seeds they decided to use one of the american genetics preserved in their library, so after many tests they finally chose to use an Appalachian Kush male. This male brings to Sugar Black Rose a new pellet of colors, and also carries a taste and aroma variation that has conquered all breeding members at Delicious Seeds.

In the garden, Eleven Roses overstands for being an easy to grow strain, with a quick flowering period that allows it to harvest in 55-60 days, developing a nice color in its leaves along flowering stage. The structure is so short, with little side-branching (specially interesting for indoor gardens with low ceilings and Sea of Green type). Outdoors she is a very discreet strain due its short height, and a great option for its very high yields up to 1kg per plant (in plants that don't grow taller than 1,5 meters).

Eleven Roses cannabis plants are very resistant against pests and mold, sourcing growers with high potency buds, with THC levels up to 25%. Not recommended for those consumers with low tolerance.

Eleven Roses also overstands for its high resin production, what makes her a suitable strain for BHO extractions, where she will get a 25% return.

Delicious Seeds Eleven Roses

Sex: Feminized.

Genotype: 100% indica.

Genetics: Sugar Black Rose x Appalachian Kush.

Flowering period: 55-60 days.

Harvest: Late September.

Yields: 600 g/sqm - 1000 g/plant.

Taste: Sweet.

Aroma: Fruity.

THC: 25%.

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