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Elite 91 Flowers is an additive for late stage of growth and all flowering. Flowers is a professional bloom enhancer highly concentrated, that increases flower sites, size and densisty of them. Add Flowers each time you irrigate your plants from last week of vegetative stage until flushing period and improve yields, taste and flavor of your crop.

¿What's Elite 91 Flowers?

Flowers by Elite 91 is a professional additive for flowering stage of plants.

This bloom additive has been formuled using the phosphites cuttingedge technology, that unlike phosphates, are easy and quickly available for roots and leaves. This new formula allows an instant uptake of phosphorus and potassium, improving flower formation, yields per crop and size of flowers, besides enhancing inmune system of plants.

Benefits of Flowers Elite 91additive for growth and bloom

The main benefit you'll get using Flowers in your nutrient solution is its high concentration (with a dose as low as 1 ml/L is able to rise EC to 1,5). So we are talking about a bloom booster highly concentrated, that should be dosed properly is we don't want to overfeed plants.

Adding Flowers additive to your nutrient solution you'll notice:

  • Improvement of growth ratio: Used during last 2 weeks of vegetative stage, Flowers increases the size, density and efficiency of root system, promoting stronger stems, larger and healthier plants.
  • Increase of flower formation, size and yields per crop: Adapting the dose of Flowers to each stage of flowering we can increase not only flower production, also the size and densisty of them, what derives in higher yields, besides improving the taste and aroma, and resin production.

How to dose and use Elite 91 Flowers

As we already explained, Flowers is a highly concentrated product, and is so important to measure properly the amount we will add to nutrient solution to avoid nutrient-locks in plants. Remember these dose are recommendations, so you must adapt the dose to the certain strain grown.

It is recommended to add Flowers from the last two weeks of vegetative stage until flushing period before harvest.

Dose of Elite 91 Flowers in vegetative stage

Add 0,25-1 ml per 4 liters of nutrient solution during last 2 weeks of growing stage.

Dose of Elite 91 Flowers in bloom stage

  • Transition weeks 12/12: Add 0,5-1 ml per 4 liters of nutrient solution.
  • Early bloom (weeks 1 to 3): Add 1-2 ml per 4 liters of nutrient solution.
  • Mid-Late bloom (weeks 4 to 8): Add 2-4 ml per 4 liters of nutrient solution.
  • Aggresive feeding (late flowering stage): Add 6-8 ml per 4 liters of nutrient solution.

Final reviews of Elite 91 Flowers and price

Elite 91 is an additive brand that seeks extreme quality in all their products, even though this means selling a more expensive product than their competitors. Thanks to its excelence of the raw ingredients used in their additives and boosters, Elite 91 has earned a deserved reputation, for selling products that work, stated in more complex formulation, to get higher performance than their competitors.

When we talk about Flowers' price we must notice that this is a highly concentrated product. This heavy concentration allows you to use very low doses of 0,25 ml per 4 liters, so it gets from every bottle a high performance in terms of usability and longlasting, specially when compared with products with a dose of 2-4 ml per liter. Grower should know that comparing prices for the same bottle size Flowers by Elite 91 can look more expensive, but if we look closer to cost of liter of nutrient solution it turns out to be one of the cheapest bloom boosters in market.

It is interesting to state that you'll getting a much cheaper product in terms of cost per liter of Nutrient Solution, you are also getting a more complete bloom additive, that uses the latest technology and more complex formulation, that improves yields of any garden in which it is used.

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