Garland 1m2 tray

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Garland grow tray is ideal for flood irrigation gardens. This grow tray without drain, and flat floor for indoor and outdoor growing is perfect to collect all run off after irrigation, to don't waste a drop, avoiding this way the water to spread on the floor. The Garland 1m2 tray can be used in growrooms and also in 1m2 growtents or bigger.

The Garland trays with no drainage are perfect for indoor and outdoor growing. Indoors are suitable for flood irrigation, as they allow you to collect all the run off in the bottom, so plants can use that water by demand. Another advantage of Garland 1m2 tray is it allows you to water your plants without wasting a drop, as it will be sucked by capilarity, avoiding problems in the floor of your growroom due to water spread.This 1m2 grow tray also can be used outdoors, allowing grower to save time watering plants, besides enlarging the distance between waterings (what is specially usefull if we have to leave for a couple of days).Garland trays are manufactured from recycled black polypropylene and can be used indoors and outdoors for your plant pots or grow bags to be placed onto them.

The Garland 1m2 tray is ideal for Sea of Green type of gardens. In cases where grower plans to elevate the grow tray (for ease of watering or to improve airflow of the growroom) it is recommended to place the plastic grow tray on a 1sqm DM wood, that will provide rigidity, besides allowing you to place some legs to increase height, and also to level the group in sloped floors

This grow tray fits perfectly in 1m2 growtents or bigger.

Garland 1m2 tray

Type: Grow tray.

For: Growtents, growrooms and outdoor growing.

Size: 100x100x12 cm.

Floor: Flat.

Drainage: No.

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