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GuayGuava Berry Kushita is a marijuana strain, from Philosopher Seeds (Golo Line), crossing from Guayaba (Chemdog x Afghani x Chem91), originary from United States) with a Juanita La Lagrimosa, that blends soily taste from Guayaba, with sweet taste from Juanita. Guava Berry Kush has a flowering time of 9-10 weeks.

Description of the Guava Berry Kush growing

To create Guava Berry Kush, the Gololine breding crew used an elite clone of Guayaba (ChemDog x Afgani x Chem91) comig from USA, with the famous mother Juanita La Lagrimosa from Regggae Seeds, to combine the very special smell of these genetics, the earthy smell of Guyaba with the citrics taste of Juanita.
  Guava Berry Kushis an Indica dominant plant, producing a fat main cola and few branches, with large intense green leaves which reminds us the Guayaba.
This Indica structure will make Guava Berry Kush be perfect for Sea Of Green growing (SOG), we recommend between 16 and 25 plants for each square meter if grown from seeds, but if we choose to keep a mother plant and grow from clone, a density of 30 to 40 plants /m2 would be better to increase yield.
  Guava Berry Kushis a very stable strain, even if we will can find some smaller phenotypes.
To get good results growing Guava Berry Kush, some basic rules have to be followed: this strain needs a moderate feeding, and needs to be watered frequently, even more when temperatures gets hot.

Description of the taste and effect of Guava Berry Kush

Once curred, Guava Berry Kush offers woody tastes with a hit of earth and sweet, thanks to Juanita. The smells of these two genetics is a prefect combination, to get Guayba more sweet, for an intense taste.
  Guava Berry Kushproduce a strong sativa effect, and lock our body and mind in a bubble, for this reason this strain should be used only at the end of the day, and not before to do something important.
Around 50% of the phenotypes will show high CBD ratios, and will be perfect for people suffering of chronic pain. We keep working to increase the probabilities to get high CBD plants from this cannabis strain.

  • Name: Guava Berry Kush
  • Genetics: Guayita x Juanita La Lagrimosa
  • Type Sativa - Indica: 40 / 60
  • Indoor Flowering: 60 / 70 days
  • Outdoor flowering: Mid october
  • Indoor Yield: Average
  • Outdoor yield: Average

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