Haze#13 feminized Nirvana Seeds

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Haze#13 feminized Nirvana Seeds-5 seeds
Haze#13 feminized Nirvana Seeds-10 seeds
Haze #13 has its origin in a mix of sativas from colombia, mexico, tailand and jamaica, from the 70s decade. A plant with a long flowering time, with a quick and intense buzz.

The roots of our Haze#13 come from the foothills of the Bay Area, California, in the seventies. It's a great stable mix of seeds Colombian, Mexican, Thai and Jamaican.

The Haze#13 has fluffy buds a long flowering period and provides a fast, intense buzz. It has a complex aroma that almost smells like a plant other apart from cannabis. The Haze#13 is a variety that can have many medical applications.

Height: Tall.

Buzz: Brain of sativa.

THC: 18% -24%

Flowering: 12-14 weeks

Yield: 250g-350g

Outdoor Harvest: October-November

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