HR-15 Humidifier

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HR-15 Profesional Humidifier


A humidifiers main job is to pump moisture in to the air to increase humidity,

The Centrifugal Humidification System HR-15 is ideal for indoor growing. Not only will it help you to ensure an optimum level of relative humidity (50-75%) in your grow room, it's also:

•Compact enough to fit into small growing areas
•Easy to install (connects to water tap or water tank)
•Easy to carry by handle
•Can be connected to another reservoir for automatic top-up.
•Suitable for propagation

we recommend using a humidistat with the humidifier for accurate control.

Coverage 15~30m²
Power consumption 90W
Humidification Capacity 1,500cc/hour
Feed-Water Pressure Less thann 5kgs/cm²
Dimensions 31cm x 31cm x 47cm

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