Sensi Seeds

Origin of Sensi Seeds Seedbank

Sensi Seeds is, for its history, one of the best and well known Dutch cannabis seedbanks. Regards to the work done during years and the unstoppable research for new genetings, Sensi Seeds has one of the wider seed catalogues, with more awarded strains available. From the work done during decades by Sensi Seeds Seedbank, many cannabis strains have born, becoming a prize winner, and becoming legends between growers.

Sensi Seeds regular seeds

Sensi Seeds seedbank produces and sells regular cannabis seeds (male or female), of selected genetics from all around the world. You can purchase their marijuana strains in regular seed form in packs of 10 seeds. Regular seedpacks by Sensi Seeds are easy to identify due its green color seedpack.

Sensi Seeds Seedbank feminized seeds

From more than a decade ago, the demand increase of feminized cannabis seeds force Sensi Seeds to start selling some of their most awarded and appreciated strains up to then just available in regular seed-form. This way growers simplify the work, as they don't have to discrd males, saving growing space, to focus all their effords just froing female plants.Sensi Seeds feminized seedpacks are identified by its pink color seedpack, being possible to purchase seeds in packs of 3 seeds, 5 seeds, 10 seeds and even 25 seeds of some of their genetics.

Sensi Seeds Autoflowering seeds

Sensi Seeds pays attention to what growers demand constantly, so now that many growers ask for automatic strains, they put all their effords in producing autoflowering strains with the taste, flavor and quality of their classic genetics.

The main characteritic of Sensi Seeds autoflowering seeds is its quick growing cycle (in most genetics about 3 months from germination to harvest), being easy to grow, and low demanding to get a decent quality crop. These are a great option for those growers with low requirements, and also for those who don't have large spaces to grow their own plants.

Another advantage of Sensi Seeds autoflowering seeds is they are so discreet when grown, as just few of them grow over 1 meter height.

You can buy Sensi Seeds autoflowering strains in packs of 3 seeds, 5 seeds, 10 seeds and up to 25 seeds of some of their top seller strains, being easy to recognize them by the gray color of the seedpack.

Sensi Seeds Research strains

Recently Sensi Seeds has released some new cannabis strains, born from crossings made by their research and developement department.

These are feminized and autoflowering strains bred by crossing their most awarded genetics, with some of the best strains from 2020 scenario.

You can purchase Sensi Seeds Research limited edition strains in packs of 1 seed, 3 seeds, 5 seeds and 10 seeds.

The best Sensi Seeds seeds with multiple awards

Northern Lights #5 x Haze: This is one of Sensi Seeds most famous strains and has won multiple awards including the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1990. It is a sativa-dominant strain with high potency and a spicy taste and sweet.

Skunk #1: This is another of Sensi Seeds' iconic strains, and has won multiple awards since its release in the 1980s. It is an indica-dominant hybrid strain known for its skunky aroma and relaxing high.

Jack Herer: This sativa-dominant hybrid strain was named after cannabis activist and author Jack Herer. It has won several awards, including the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1999. It is known for its cerebral and energizing high, as well as its pine and spice flavor.

Super Skunk: This indica-dominant strain is known for its skunky aroma and relaxing, sedative effect. He has won several awards, including the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1990 and the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1992.

Shiva Skunk: This is another indica-dominant strain from Sensi Seeds, known for its relaxing and sedative effect. He has won multiple awards, including the Cannabis Cup in 1992 and the Cannabis Cup in 1999.

Sensi Seeds final reviews and price

Sensi Seeds Seedbank is one of the oldest seedbanks still alive today, with best reviews from growers all over the globe. From their I+D department have born some of the most known and awarded strains in history, that still today are used to breed awarded hybrids.

Redards to the work done during years in Holland, where cannabis production and sale was and is still legal, Sensi Seeds genetics have been used as starting point for other breeders to produce most of the nowadays most comercial strains.

Buying Sensi Seeds you can get top shelf quality strains, for a price that ranges from the most cheap one, up to the most exclusive when you look for their flagships. If you are looking for a cannabis strain with good results for a good price, do not hesitate to check out their classic genetics. Choosing Sensi Seeds to fill your garden is a warranty of success and low price.

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