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The charm of Blue Skunk is striking on all levels: it is visually appealing and produces flowers with a pronounced and complex aroma that will delight cannabis epicures. It is a resistant strain that is very easy to grow, for beginners and expert growers alike.

Special properties of Blue Skunk:

  • It is robust and does not require special care to obtain a good harvest.
  • Its high production of flowers with bluish touches is very satisfactory.
  • Its rather fast flowering will allow you to grow it in temperate/cold regions outdoors.

What is the yield of the exotic cross at the base of Blue Skunk?

To create Blue Skunk, Sensi Seeds breeders selected Blueberry, one of the cannabis scene's genetic references, with a hybrid with very exotic connotations of Shiva Skunk x Hindu Kush. Its speed of flowering, 55 days at the top of its maturity, makes it a plant that adapts to all climates and will allow growers located in more northern regions to obtain a substantial harvest of very compact and lush flowers. impeccable appearance. Plants of the feminized Blue Skunk strain will look like small, bushy bushes that won't grow taller than 1.60 meters outdoors.
To maximize its production, it is advisable to remove the leaves least exposed to light as soon as the first pistils appear at the time of flowering. Apart from that it does not require excessive care, it is within reach of all growers. Indoors it will be easy to reach 550 grams for each square meter grown. If you are growing outdoors, choose the sunniest location and you can expect upwards of 600 grams per plant of Blue Skunk.

Flavor and effect of Blue Skunk, the most oriental of genetics

Lovers of hashish, dry extraction of North African and Indian tradition, will find their favorite flavors by consuming the beautiful flowers of Blue Skunk. The aroma of this strain is both spicy and woody. Add to that the bitterness of subtly sweet wild berries, the fruitiness of blueberries and of course the characteristic and powerful smell of genetics coming from the Skunk family.
What originality for this cannabis plant with a powerful effect, worthy of the best indica dominants. This effect will essentially play on the physique, giving you deep relaxation but which will be accompanied by a slight touch of euphoria, which adds fun to your daily life.

Sensi Seeds Blue Skunk Seed Features:

  • Seed bank: Sensi Seeds.
  • Gender: Feminized.
  • Genotype: Indica Dominant.
  • Genetics: Blueberry x (Shiva Skunk x Hindu Kush).
  • Flowering: 50-55 days.
  • Harvest: Late September-Early October.
  • Indoor production: 500-550 g/m2.
  • Outdoor production: 600g/plant.
  • Indoor height: 120-140cm.
  • Outdoor height: 160cm.
  • Flavor: Hash, sandalwood, blueberry.
  • Aroma: Woody, earthy, fruity, spicy.
  • Effect: Powerful physical relaxant, mild euphoria.

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