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ONA Misting Dome Dosificador is the ultimate solution for effectively and discreetly controlling cannabis odors. With its advanced technology and modern design, it ensures a pleasant and odor-free environment. Experience peace of mind and discretion with ONA Misting Dome Dosificador!

ONA Misting Dome Dosificador: Neutralize Cannabis Odors Effectively

Ensured Discretion for Cannabis Enthusiasts

For those who love cannabis, its characteristic aroma is fascinating. However, in situations where discretion is crucial, the smell can become a significant issue, especially with strains rich in terpenes. Wondering how to mask the smell of marijuana? It's simple! Use ONA Misting Dome Dosificador, one of the best cannabis air fresheners on the market.

This device transforms the aromatic liquid into a fine mist that helps neutralize the smell of cannabis and any other unwanted odors in the surroundings. Its exceptional effectiveness ensures complete control over the smell in your cultivation or consumption space.

Features of ONA Misting Dome Dosificador

  • Beautiful Design: With an attractive and modern look, it seamlessly blends into any environment.
  • Lightweight and Portable: Its compact design and lightweight make it easily transportable and versatile.
  • Eye-Catching LED Light: Incorporates an LED light with up to 7 different colors, providing a decorative and relaxing touch.
  • Silent Operation: Its discreet and quiet functioning ensures a tranquil ambiance.
  • Generous Liquid Tank: You can add up to 150 ml of aromatic liquid, ensuring extended use without frequent refills.
  • Durable Construction: Made with sturdy materials, it guarantees a long lifespan.

Benefits of ONA Misting Dome Dosificador

If you face the challenge of controlling cannabis odors in enclosed spaces, ONA Misting Dome Dosificador is the perfect solution. Some of the advantages it offers are:

  • Easy to Use: Its simple and practical operation allows for quick and effective setup.
  • Neutralizes Terpene Odors: The device's advanced technology eliminates intense cannabis odors, ensuring absolute discretion.
  • Create Pleasant Environments: Besides neutralizing odors, ONA Misting Dome Dosificador leaves a pleasant aroma in the surroundings.
  • Programmable for Continuous Use: Adjust the misting cycles according to your needs, from 1 to 5 hours.
  • Non-Contaminating Liquid: The device uses safe and environmentally friendly aromatic liquids.
  • Automatic Shutdown: It turns off automatically when the aromatic liquid is depleted, preventing unnecessary usage.

Instructions for Using ONA Misting Dome Dosificador

Using ONA Misting Dome Dosificador is effortless:

  1. Pour ONA liquid fragrance into the device's tank until full.
  2. Turn on and program the device according to your preferences.
  3. Place it strategically in the area you want to neutralize and freshen.
  4. Automatically emits a fine mist that neutralizes unwanted odors.
  5. When the liquid is depleted, the device automatically turns off.
  6. Refill the liquid as needed and resume usage.

ONA Misting Dome Dosificador is the perfect choice for those seeking to effectively control cannabis odors in enclosed spaces, whether in indoor cultivation or consumption. With this device, your neighbors won't notice the presence of cannabis in your home.

Package Contents

  • ONA Misting Dome Dosificador device
  • Power cable

Technical Specifications of ONA Misting Dome Dosificador

  • Dimensions: 120x120x108 mm.
  • Weight: 20 Kg.
  • Noise Levels: 35 db.
  • Input Adapter: AC 100-240 v-50/60 Hz at 0.4 Amper.
  • Misting Cycles: 1 H/ 3H/ 5H / 24 H.
  • Atomization Frequency: 2.4 MHz.
  • Storage Volume: 150 ml.
  • Material: PP, ABS, PVC.
  • Manufacturing Colors: White and Green.

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