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The Azufre WG by Massó is a product against mildew and red spider mites authorized for Domestic Outdoor Gardening (JED). The use of sulphur sprayed over plants allows you to prevent and combat any mite's pest, and also prevents and combats fungi spots and mildew. Masso Azufre WG is available in 50 grams bags, what let you produce between 10 and 25 liters of product dissolved in water.

Azufre WG is authorized to be applied to:

Acaricide and fungicide treatments in ligneous ornamentals, cereals, expiring leaf fruit trees and (sub)tropical, horticultural, hop, olives, beet and grapevine.

Composition: Sulphur 80% p/p (800 g/Kg)

Dose and how to apply Azufre WG

Apply sprayed in a dose between 2-5 grams per liter of water.

Do not mix it with oils noor alkaline reaction products. Never proceed with treatments when too high temperatures.

Do not apply mineral oils from 21 days before until 21 days later of sulphur application.

Do not apply in fruits that will be conserved.

Do not apply to artichoke nor sensible fruit trees like apricot tree, apple tree or pear tree.

Security period: Not needed.

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