To get the maximum yields from our crops, it is important to start from those high-yielding cannabis strains. Some marijuana strains with higher yields bring better results both, grown indoors and outdoors, so it is recommended to use these high-yielding marijuana strains in our gardens. In this post we will recommend some of the cannabis strains most productive, in addition to some tips about how to get higher yields possible of each crop.

Most productive marijuana strain

Cannabis seeds, depending on each genotype, crossing and genetics, can develope in multiple forms, producing very diverse crops depending on each specie.
In general high-yielding cannabis strains are usually sativa, thanks to its longer flowering time, and size. Even though, growers usually make a relation between flowering weeks of each one, and final yields per crop, that usually finish concluding that best option for growth are indica strains (for its quick flowering time and good yielding manners).
From SantYerbasi, we do recommend, to all those growers looking for yields in their crop, to choose one of those heavy yielder marijuana strains, due they probably will get better results.
As growers, at SantYerbasi, we are the first ones to be interested in these aspects when choosing a strain to grow. The benefits of choosing one of these strains are clear (specially if the grower is less experienced): Under the same growing conditions, and knowledge, a strain that trends to bring better yields, will always produce more than one that by description is lower yielder.
Knowing the importance of this aspect, at SantYerbasi Grow Shop we've classified those heavy yielder marijuana strains to make it easier for users to filter results and find the ones they are looking for.

High-Yielding cannabis genetics

Nowadays there are thousands of strains, from hundreds of seedbanks. If we focus on trusted seedbanks, who give a proper description of their strains, we can get a good information about what characteristics has each strain, in-between that information we'll get an approximated yielding possibilities. SantYerbasi team has listed the 10 high-yielding indica strains:

chronic serius

Chronic Serious Seeds: The original Chronic from Serious Seeds is an heavy yielder indica strain. Chronic marijuana seeds produce plants with a huge main cola, and a quick flowering time of 8-9 weeks indoors, with results only reachable for few cannabis strains. Without any doubt, every single grower looking to improve the yields of the crop should give a try to this strain with afghani origin. Available in feminized and regular form.

shotgun seeds

Shotgun Beta Seeds: Shotgun is one of those few cannabis seed able to produce massive yields. This is a cannabis indica strain, born from a selection of a BIg Bud (parental of the well-known Critical Mass). Shotgun seeds produce compact sized plants, with extremely large buds, being one of the most easier plants to grow we have ever grown. This strain has a flowering time of 8 weeks, getting an even high yield if we harvest her after 9-10 weeks to 12/12 photoperiod. Feminized seeds available.

Critical seeds

Critical+ 2.0 Dinafem: Mr Nice's Critical Mass revolutioned the cannabis world. Dinafem seedbank made an amazing phenotype hunting of that strain, bringing to market the Critical+ (also known as Critical Bilbo), a quick flowering strain, heavy yielder, and easy to grow. After some years, Dinafem seedbank decided to re-work in their genetics to came out with an evolution of it called Critical+ 2.0. This new strain has the same flowering time of her parental, with an even higer yielding, keeping the same taste and flavours that made her famous. Only available in feminized version.

High yielding cannabis

Afghani #1 Sensi Seeds: Afghani strains have been, and still are, some of the high-yielding cannabis genetics. Its ease of growth, quick flowering time, and heavy yields made them winners in many cannabis cups, and also a strain to trust by many growers. Afghani#1 by Sensi Seeds is a short flowering plant, with big and wide leaves, that resists perfectly the hottests climates, This strain brings thick buds, covered with high quality resin, that produce one of the best, and more sticky water hash we can do. Strain only available in regular seeds.

sensi star

Sensi Star Paradise Seeds: Sensi Star is one of our favourite strains. Sensi Star seeds produce compact-sized plants, with a bushy structure, large buds, and tons of resin. This strain flowers in 8 weeks, being so easy to grow. Sensi Star brings everything a grower could look for: Top grade quality, great taste and flavour, bushy structure ideal to grow indoors and outdoors, and large yields. From SantYerbasi we aim you to grow her at least once in their lifes, you won't regret. Only available in feminized version.

What kind of lights bring better results?

Growing indoors, one of the key factors is the power of the lights used. The power of the lights has a direct relationship with the final yields, due to higher the watts used, larger the yields will be. Nowadays, most growers are using 600w equipments, even though at SantYerbasi we got our best results working with Gavita 1000w or with Dominator 2xXL LED lamps. In both cases, the overprice in equipments is rewarded by higher yields per crop. If you are thinking about setting up a new garden, or replacing your old lighting equipment, we aim you to get one of these two lighting systems.

*Important: The same way that using low wattage equipements is not recommended due to low performance, it is not worth it to exceed the amount of light used by plants. Itis imporatnt to respect the minimum distance light-canopy that varies depending on the power and type of lights used.

What cannabis nutrients to get larger yields?

Fertilizers and boosters for cannabis are classified in two main groups: organic and chemical.
It is wide-known that organic fertilizers leave a better taste to our crop, and chemical fertilizers usually get higher THC levels, and larger yields too. These mineral nutrients are usually more powerful and concentrated, so it is a must to use a pH meter and a PPM meter to control parameters of the nutrient solution used to feed plants.

Chemical nutrients are also a quicker source of nutrients for our plants, so the size of the flowers is commonly larger.

If we pretend to get the best yield possible a complete feeding program is a must. That's why is better using all products from the same brand, instead of mixing different ones (to avoid incompatibilities between products).

A complete range of nutrients includes:

- Root Stimulator.

- Growing fertilizer.

- Vitamines and amino-acids.

- Flowering fertilizer.

- Bloom stimulator.

* At SantYerbasi we also recommend using beneficial fungi and bacteria along vegetative stage to get even better results.

Amount of water to get larger crops

In this blog we have spoken many times about the importance of water quality growing cannabis. There are three main factors for a plant to survive: light, water and substrate. Talking about yields the next one would be the genetics, and the next would be water quality. If one, or more, of these factors is not optimal, the most probable thing is our plants suffer, so they won't be able to bring their maximum performance.

There are two main parameters that make a difference in water: Ph value, and EC value (electroconductivity or PPM). The pH value can vary a lot from one source to another, but it is easily adjustable thanks to pH correctors. What it is really important is water EC used to irrigate plants. If the water EC is too high (over 0,4 EC) it is better not using it to prepare our nutrient solution. The explanation is that there are too many dissolved salts in it that we don't know what exactly are, nor where they come from, and that could negatively affect plants developement.

As get a good quality water from tab is rare, what's most recommended (and most common) in-between growers is to use reverse osmosis filters. RO water filters "clean the water" from salts producing an almost distilled water (EC= 0,01-0,02).

Growing with RO water is much easier, as all the nutrients contained in water are the ones we add. If plants show defficiency we just need to add more nutrients. In the other side, if plants show an excess of nutrients we just need to decrease the amount of nutrients used.
*Note: Optimal temperature for irrigation water is: 20-21 ºC.

Optimal temperature in a grow-room

Enviroment is another important factor for maximum evolution of cannabis plants, in growing stage and also in flowering stage). The ideal temperature in a grow-room should be arround 24-26 ºC when lights are on, an over 20ºC when lights are off. To control these factors is useful to own a climate controller, that lets you plug extractors and fans, so it manages them to keep a certain temperature, and humidity.

* During the coldest season it may be useful to own a heater to keep temperatures warm enough.

Influence of CO2 in marijuana yields

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is an element in air plants get to do their photosynthesis. It's been demonstrated that higher the CO2 levels are, larger the size of the flowers will be, so like it happens in previous cases, if we look for higher yields, we aim you to use of CO2 generators. These equipments regulate CO2 parts per million (ppm) in air.

At SantYerbasi we made tests in our gardens starting at 300-400 ppm of CO2 (common in cities) and rising up to 1200 ppm. Results show a clear improve higher than 30% in final production. Higher than 1200ppm CO2 concentration will enlarge the flowering time and also decrease the look of dried flowers.

*Important: Working with CO2 generators needs the use of a CO2 controller, that will automatically keep the optimal levels of CO2 in the grow-room.

We hope this post to clarify you some doubts, so you'll get better yields in your garden.

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