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PH+ Regulator by Dutchpro is a high-quality pH regulator designed to improve and balance the pH level during all stages of plant growth and flowering. Its key ingredients, such as potassium carbonate and potassium hydroxide, ensure optimal pH for healthy growth and efficient nutrient absorption. With just a few drops of PH+ Regulator, you can adjust the pH to desired levels and promote maximum performance in your crops. Trust PH+ Regulator by Dutchpro for exceptional results.


PH+ Regulator: A pH regulator by Dutchpro to optimize performance

PH+ is a highly efficient pH regulator, specifically designed by Dutchpro to improve and balance the pH level during all stages of plant growth and flowering. Its main objective is to ensure an optimal environment that promotes maximum performance and exceptional productivity.

Main benefits of PH+ Regulator:

  • Optimization of pH to boost healthy and vigorous plant growth.
  • Significant increase in nutrient absorption capacity by the roots.
  • Promotion of maximum performance and exuberant flowering.

The precise composition of PH+ Regulator is based on the incorporation of key ingredients like potassium carbonate and potassium hydroxide, recognized for their effective ability to elevate the pH level during the growth and flowering period of plants.

Usage and dosage of PH+ Regulator

Regarding the usage, it is recommended to add PH+ Regulator after applying the corresponding nutrients in the BLOOM and VEG stages. It is essential to maintain the pH within an optimal range of 5.8 to 6.5 to ensure complete absorption of all essential elements by the roots. Just a few drops of PH Boost per gallon of water are sufficient to adjust the pH to the desired levels.

For the growth and flowering phases, it is advised to use pH- Grow, a product specifically formulated by Dutchpro to increase and maintain the appropriate pH level at all times, thus ensuring an optimal environment for the healthy development of plants.

The importance of pH for achieving optimal results

pH plays a critical role in plant cultivation and achieving optimal results. Accurate pH measurement and adjustment are fundamental in providing plants with the ideal conditions for healthy growth and successful production.

For crops grown in soil substrates, it is recommended to maintain the pH within a specific range of 5.8 to 6.2, while for hydroponic or coco systems, it is advisable to keep it at the lower end of that scale, around pH 5.8. This will ensure optimal nutrient absorption by the plants.

While occasional fluctuations in pH are suggested to boost the absorption of certain elements, it is important to avoid consistent deviations from the optimal ranges. Maintaining a pH outside the appropriate limits can lead to mineral accumulation, root rot, and plant deficiencies, compromising their health and performance.

Precise measurement of pH and EC for optimal growth

Dutchpro recognizes the importance of regularly measuring pH and EC (electrical conductivity) for optimal plant growth. These parameters are crucial in determining the precise concentration of nutrients present in water or substrate, preventing deficiencies or harmful excesses.

pH indicates the acidity or alkalinity level of the growing medium, while EC indicates its ability to conduct electricity, providing information about nutrient concentration. Maintaining pH within the recommended range of 5.8 to 6.5 is essential to ensure proper nutrient absorption by the plants.

A useful analogy to understand the difference is comparing pH and EC to a liquid solution. pH represents the acidity or alkalinity of the solution, while EC indicates the concentration of dissolved substances. Maintaining a precise balance between these parameters is crucial to ensure that plants can adequately absorb nutrients.

Regular pH and EC measurements are recommended to avoid imbalances that can affect nutrient absorption and the healthy development of crops. With the use of PH+ Regulator and precise management of these parameters, you can maximize the potential of your plants and achieve exceptional results.

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