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Soil Bloom Soft Water A+B is a specialist fertilizer designed for the flowering stage of plants in soft water substrates. Get exceptional results and robust development in your plants with this powerful solution from Dutchpro Nutrients.

Dutchpro Soil A+B bloom Soft Water fertilizer

The flowering fertilizer Soil A+B bloom Soft Water from the renowned Dutchpro brand is a perfect solution to boost the flowering of plants. Specially designed for use in soft water, this product offers exceptional benefits and a balanced composition that guarantees amazing results.

Main benefits:

  • Stimulates flowering: Dutchpro Soil A+B bloom Soft Water fertilizer provides your plants and crops with the essential nutrients necessary for abundant and healthy flowering. Its specific components promote the development of large and showy flowers.
  • Encourages growth: Thanks to its specialized formulation, this fertilizer promotes robust plant growth, strengthening stems and branches to support the weight of the buds and ensuring a strong and resistant structure. .
  • Improves harvest quality: Regular use of Soil A+B Bloom Soft Water guarantees high-quality harvests, with dense, aromatic flowers loaded with resin. . Your plants will be full of vitality and will produce excellent fruits.
  • Easy to use: This fertilizer comes in liquid form and is easy to apply. You only need to mix the two parts A and B in equal proportions, following the instructions on the package, and add it to the irrigation water. It is compatible with all types of growing systems and its use is simple and convenient.


Dutchpro Soil A+B Bloom Soft Water contains a precise combination of essential nutrients that meet the needs of crops during the flowering phase. Its balanced formula includes macronutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) and micronutrients (iron, manganese, zinc, among others) that ensure a complete and adequate supply for optimal development.

How to use and recommended dose:

*Important: Never mix one component with another in pure form: always add the first component, A, to the irrigation water and then add component B in equal parts. (Rinse the measuring cup thoroughly on each occasion.)

1. Shake the bottles well before use.

2. Mix equal parts of Soil A and Soil B in a clean container.

3. Add the solution to the amount of water recommended for irrigation.

4. Mix properly and adjust the pH of the resulting solution if necessary.

5. Use the prepared solution to water the plants during the flowering phase.

Recommended dosage varies by plant type and flowering stage. Generally, a dose of 2.5 / 5 ml per liter of water is recommended.

With Dutchpro Soil A+B Bloom Soft Water fertilizer, your plants will flower spectacularly, giving you abundant yields of exceptional quality!

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