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Barney's Farm Purple Punch seeds are one of the most powerful genetics in market. This indica dominant hybrid, born from a crossing Larry OG x Grandaddy Purple, finishes its flowering period in les than 60 days, sourcing you with large crops of a priceless value.

Genetics of Purple Punch strain

Purple Punch es un híbrido de dominancia indica nacido del cruce Grandaddy Purple x Larry OG. Con este cruce se han unido dos de las genéticas más apreciadas de Estados Unidos, que juntas dan lugar a una variedad híbrida, que florece en 56-60 días, y proporciona grandes producciones de flores en cada cosecha.

Barney's Farm Purple Punch seeds

Purple Punch seeds by Barney's Farm are feminized, so only produce female plants. This characteristic saves time and money to the grower, who does not have to take care of plants that can end up becoming male, reducing the final crop and increasing the possibilities of pollination.

The structure of Purple Punch is compact (heritage from Grandaddy Purple), with many strong branches that bring strength and help delivering higher yields in every crop. Is due its compact structure that the main cola is almost the same size that secondaries surroundig it.

As a good genetics of kush heritage, Purple Punch buds are large and dense, covered with copious amounts of resin. An interesting detail, speciall for resin extracts lovers, who will get a really high return in all extraction methods (dry, water hash, rosin or bho).

Purple Punch by Barney's Farm is a perfect strain for SOG in indoor gardens, or outdoors (specially if you need your plants to be as much discreet as possible, asuring yields higher than average.

Growing Purple Punch in vegetative stage

Purple Punch is an indica dominant hybrid (90% indica - 10% sativa), what you can notice from the same moment that seeds sporut and develope its first nodes (very compact with really short internodal space). These are compact plants, suitable for SOG growing indoors (and specially good if your ceilings are low).

If you leave Purple Punch from Barney's farm grow naturally, you will notice how it developes a structure in which there is no main dominant cola, instead it produces 4-6 secondary branches that grow and develope as a main.

All the structure of Purple Punch is robust, turning into a slower growth compared with other strains, but also in a scarce virtue in-between kush genetics: This strain does not suffer the classic stretch of other kush, what keeps a compact structure even after flipping plants to flowering stage. This is why it is a must to grow plants until you get the desired height before changing photoperiod of light, unless you want your plants to stay short.

Unlike othe genetics, we discourage you to grow her in SCROG, as its compact structure and slow growth would penalize much the time needed to fill the trellis.

Outdoors you are facing an amazing strain, that precises low amounts nutrients, is very resistant against pests, strong winds and hard rains, besides being so discreet against eyes of neightbours. Due its compact size and strength, it is rare to find individuals that surpass 150cm outdoors, even when grown in-ground. On the other hand you will notice more horizontal growth, what will end up proportioning larger crops than plants that double its size.

Flowering Purple Punch indoors and outdoors

Barney's Farm Purple Punch adapt so quickly to photoperiod changes, begining to flower in just 7 days after changing the amount of daylight hours. As a growers you should be aware of this detail, as its compact structure and low to non stretch, if you don't want your plants to end up small, suffering a high decrease in the final yields.

The flowering period of Purple Punch is 56-60 days indoors, what allows plants to be ready to harvest in 9 weeks to 12/12.

Outdoors Purple Punch will begin the bloom stage in late July, being ready to harvest at late September so also one of the quickest flowering strains.

The main advantage of this genetics is its quickness, together with its high resistance against pests and mold. If outdoors does good in hot, warm and even cold climates, indoors it thanks an average temperature of 24ºC to bring its highest performance.

In both cases (indoors and outdoors) it is not rare when night temperatures during the last 15-20 days decrease enough, to see flowers acquiring purple tones, that obviously makes them overstand in any garden, and that once dried give them a wonderful bag appeal.

Yields of Purple Punch cannabis plants

If there is something that made famous Purple Punch is its yields indoors and outdoors. This added to the undoubt quality of its flowers and its appeal make her a perfect candidate for the best seller section.

As we already commented, its structure and medium growth make her perfect for SOG-type of gardens, in which the best performance is got within 20 plants per sqm in 7 liter pots. Indoors under 600w HPS fixtures is quite easy to get 600 g/2, being possible to get yields up to 700 g/m2 if you get the perfect conditions. These details are even improvable when using Gavita or Dimlux 1000w fixtures, or within the most moder LEDs, being possible to get yields up to 1 kg/m2.

If you live in a country where there are legal limits in the amount of plants you can grow, you can get really good results growing Purple Punch in SCROG, with 6 plants per m2 in 15 liter pots. The only but in these type of growing method will be the extra time spent in vegetative stage for those 6 plants to cover the growing area.

If you like outdoor growing, these Purple Punch will become your new favourite strain. It has everything to get heavy yields (over the average) and also with superior quality. Purple Punch can yield up to 2 kg/plant when grown in-ground with good nutrients and much sun.

Another of the main reasons for this high yields is because its compact size, that rarely surpass 1,5 meters tall. This compact size and bushy structure allows you to have total control over all and each one of the flowers, what derives in an early detection of any problem or pest that may occur.

Taste and smell of Purple Punch weed

Purple Punch became famours in American dispensariesdue its characteristic apple pie taste (just off the oven), and for its fruity berry and cherries aroma.

If you think that Purple Punch weed has a powerful taste and loud aroma, wait until you taste and smell any of the different resin extracts: Mouth watering.

Effect of Purple Punch cannabis by Barney's Farm

With plants that have been tested with THC levels of 25%, the effect of Purple Punch is calming and sedative, as a good indica. If you are one of those that need an extra help to sleep after a long journey full of stress do not doubt that Purple Punch will be one of your best choices.

Tips to grow Purple Punch

Being grown Purple Punch, and also its two parentals individually, we clearly see that the structure comes mainly from Grandaddy Purple just slightly modified by Larry OG Kush. This detail is important, as it is a must to understand how the strain will develope to get the best performance out of it.

In this case, if you grow Purple Punch indoors do not doubt to do it in SOG: To get the best results we aim you to keep her in vegetative stage for 4 weeks before flipping them to bloom stage (a shorter growing stage could end up with too small plants, what would dramatically decrease the final yields)

Another key detail pretending the best yields is to remove bottom branches once plants starts to form its first flowers. Our tip is to leave only the 4-6 top branches and remove all the bottoms. This way all the energy will go straight up to the tops where it will be used to increase size, density and thickness.

This tip is also usefull outdoors, where the trimming of lower branches not only helps to get a better airflow, it also helps to improve the size and density of flowers.

Even though this genetics does not suffer when prunned, its structure with 4-6 mains makes prunings totally unnecessary, or even inadvisable. The time needed to recover from pruning makes this technique in something we would not recommend. So remember, the best way to grow Purple Punch is to let her grow naturally.

Characteristics of Purple Punch feminized seeds

Sex: Feminized.

Genotype: 90% indica - 10% sativa.

Genetics: Grandaddy Purple x Larry OG.

Flowering period: 56-60 days.

Harvest: Late September.

Yields: 700 g/m2 - 2 kg/plant.

Taste: Apple pie.

Aroma: Fruity and sweet.

Effect: Calming and sedative.

THC: 25%.

Purple Punch final reviews and price

If this is about reviewing Purple Punch, lets be clear we are facing one of the indica strains with best ratio yield-quality-appeal in market. If you are sativa-likely toker go find another strain to grow but if not keep reading because most of it will be positive things.

Giving a sincere review, Purple Punch by Barney's Farm is one of the best versions of this genetics that we ever grown, in which overstands the Grandaddy Purple taste, but with some hints that come from the Larry OG side.

This is a strain that does good indoors, outdoors, in hot, warm and even cold climates, so it is a good choice for almost everywhere. Another detail to notice is its structure, as we won't stop repeating the benefits a plant with this characteristic has, as it simplifies a lot the grower's work, who will be able to control the whole plant perfectly, besides not needing any help to hold the weight of the large and dense flowers.

If to all this we add a quick flowering period, that allows you to harvest her before many other strains, we face a strain that has low to none rivals.

Maybe the only two negative aspects are its slow growth and expensive price per seed (specially if you buy them by units). Even though Barney's Farm sells this strain by units, in 3-seed, 5-seed or 10-seed seedpacks, the price per seed is over the average (10-13 € per seed depending the packagen chosen).

Being since, if you ask us about its price we do think it is expensive. If the question is if it's worth the extra budget to enjoy this wonderful strain, the answer is also yes. Results got endorse every cent spent in the purchase of these seeds. Time will tell.

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