UCI Digital climate controller

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Temperature control. Control moisture. Control of CO2. Automatic irrigation.

The UCI digital climate controller is the most complete enviroment controller in market.

UCI climate controller is designed to carry out the major changes in the atmosphere during the time in an environment of growing plants .

Includes control daytime temperature , night temperature , day / night hysteresis speed extractors , daytime humidity , night humidity , CO2, lighting control and irrigation.

The UCI digital climate controller incorporates a cable with a temperature probe ( in the basic version ) and temperature and humidity ( in the Temp + HR version ) , 24-hr timer for lighting with connection for up to 4 or 6- 600w lámparasde 400w a ciclostato for irrigation, fan controller for intracción / extraction, takes to heat source (night only ) .
Includes front panel printed with a screen that makes navigating through the desired values for the gardener and establecimientode menu .

There is the option to override automatic management , and make it manually ( for testing peripherals) , and activation of irrigation if necessary .

Also a log file and alarm with which the grower can know exactly evoluciónde cultivation and act on it. This custard is useful because it provides an " X " in the invernaderoy paraactuar cultivator can perform diagnosis if the displayed values are not optimal for cultivation.

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