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Azos by Xtreme Gardening are beneficial bacteria that promote vegetative growth. Azos contains Azospirillum brasiles, a beneficial bacteria that fixes nitrogen from enviroment into the substrate, making it quickly uptakeable by plants in a total natural way. Azos is ideal for vegetative stages of plants, cloning and transplants. Azos increases the root developement, what derives in larger root mass and better nutrient uptake.

Nitrogen is one of the key-elements for vegetative developement of plants, and one of the most consumed nutrients by plants, as it takes a essential role in chlorophyll production, helping pants keep the green. It is also important in relation with aminoacids and other compounds working for a good crop.

Nitrogen is an element very rich in the atmosphere (arround 80% of it is Nitrogen in form of N2) even not being available for plants. Azos is a bacteria that makes a conversion from eviromental N2, to nitrogen available for roots (NH3 nitrogen form), what brings between a 50% and 70% of the demanded nitrogent by most of the plants.

Adding Azos along germination process, rooting process, and also along vegetative stage of plants, helps improving the nitrogen uptake, deriving in healthier plants, greener, with increased growth ratio. In addition, thanks to the nitrogen conversion from enviroment into quickly uptaken nitrogen, the demand of this element will decrease, making possible to add less nitrogen to the mix, so it also reduces the production costs.

To increase the reuslts, combine Azos with the use of Mykos. It is recommended to add Azos once every 2 weeks. Repeat the application after intense irrigations. In combination with Mykos and Xtreme Tea add weekly (2 spoons per gallon). Miz in warm water (18-27 ºC).

Azos Xtreme Gardening


Type: Beneficial bacteria Azospirillum brasiles.

For: Convert enviromental Nitrogen into uptaken nitrogen by roots. Promotes growth.

Use: Along vegetative stage, transplants, seed germination and rooting clones.

Azos application


Rooting cuttings:

  1. Add 2 spoons of Azos per gallon. Soak cutting (or rockwhool) in during 10 minutes.
  2. Mezclar 1 parte de Azos en 2 partes de agua (ajustar el pH del agua a 6.0 antes de añadir Azos).
  3. Sumergir el esqueje por el corte inferior durante 15 segundos y colocar en el medio para enraizado.


Add Azos arround the hole where you'll place the plant, so the roots are in direct contact with it.

  • 1-3 gallon container: 1 spoon.
  • 5-7 gallon container : 2 spoons.
  • 10-20 gallon container: 3 spoons.
  • 25-50 gallon container: 4 spoons.
  • 100 gallon container: 1 cup.


1 spoon per plant.


Mix with water and apply weekly during vegetative stage.

  • 5 gallons (20 liters) 2 spoons.
  • 25 gallons (100 liters): 3-4 spoons.
  • 50 gallons (200 liters): 6-8 spoons.
  • 100 gallons (400 liters): 1 cup.

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