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Boost your crop with Piranha from Advanced Nutrients, the leading root stimulator formulated with 24 strains of beneficial fungi. Increase root growth by up to 75%, strengthen the plant, and maximize nutrient absorption.

The Microorganism Rooting Agent for Superior Crops

Piranha by Advanced Nutrients is the market's number 1 microorganism-based rooting agent, an authentic magical source of energy for the root zone that propels the most valuable harvests. Developed by Advanced Nutrients and backed by years of research and development, Piranha is the ultimate solution to achieve a well-balanced and flourishing root zone. This root stimulator is formulated with 24 strains of beneficial fungi, including Mycorrhizae and Trichoderma, creating a unique symbiosis that enhances root growth and maximizes nutrient absorption.

The Benefits of Advanced Nutrients' Piranha Root Stimulator for Your Crop:

  • Increases root mass growth by up to 75%, generating more abundant root hairs.
  • Boosts nitrogen by up to 86%.
  • Enhances phosphorus by up to 234%.
  • Improves potassium by up to 75%.
  • Stimulates healthy plant growth, with larger and stronger leaves and stems.
  • Increases the quantity and size of buds.
  • Provides protection against harmful fungi and reinforces plant resistance to adverse weather conditions and pests.

How to Use Piranha:

Piranha is used during the first two weeks of growth and flowering. Add 2 mL per liter of water, whether in hydroponic, aeroponic, soil, or coco systems. It is also effective in transplants by applying 2 mL in the hole's bottom or directly on the cutting liquid. It is recommended not to use it before the first roots appear.


2 mL per liter of water in the first two weeks of growth and flowering.


Piranha has a unique formula that includes 24 strains of beneficial fungi, including Glomus aggregatum, Glomus mosseae, Pseudomonas chlororaphis, Trichoderma viride, and many more. Additionally, it has been enriched with Bacillus mucilaginous, a bacteria strain that solubilizes phosphorus and potassium in the root zone.


  • Glomus aggregatum
  • Glomus mosseae
  • Pseudomonas chlororaphis
  • Glomus intraradices
  • Pseudomonas putida
  • Rhizopogon amylopogon
  • Rhizopogon fulvigleba
  • Rhizopogon villosulus
  • Trichoderma viride
  • Trochoderma harzianum
  • Trichoderma kongii
  • Water

In What Types of Cultivation Can Piranha Be Used?

The Piranha root fertilizer from Advanced Nutrients is versatile and effective in various cultivation systems, including hydroponics, aeroponics, soil, and coco. Its beneficial action extends to the rhizosphere, ensuring a symbiotic relationship between microorganisms and plant roots to maximize performance.

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