Resin extraction is fashionable. Among the various ways of making the extraction resin extraction out water, which is done using dry crop residues. Very often come to our stores growers who ask us how to make your first extractions with water, so I'll detail step by step how to perform quality extractions following this quick and easy method.

To make our water hashish, the most important are crop residues (their quality score the final product so it is better to have fewer, well-selected). To make the extraction we can use dried flowers (buds) whether the tips I those from the (usually smaller and less dense lowland areas. They can also take advantage leaves manicure (discarding those that do not contain resin). In When using the leaves, it is important that prior to extraction all our plant material is dry (we recommend a period of not less than 1 month after harvest, and the glands must be well cured for relinquishing better) .

In cases of lovers extraction glands, it is recommended the use of mature plants especially as it will increase the proportion of our extraction resin (usually around 10% of the dry weight of plant material).

Tools required to make good Iceolator (water extraction)

To make a good Iceolator we need 4 main elements:

marihuana Manicure

Blow dry Manicure and cured

kit bubble bag

Mesh extraction resin

Ice marijuana


water osmosis

Osmosis water (or distilled)

Blow Dry Manicure: As mentioned, the base is a good Iceolator prior selection of the material that we use. If the material is quality, the extraction will not be what she expected from the grower so it's important to be careful discarding all parties likely enpobrecer selection. It is especially important not to use crop residues as pests such as fungi fungus concentrate on making extraction dangerous for consumption.

Fishnet resin extraction: The term for removal of mesh bags resins prepared with bottom nets that capture the glands depending micronage thereof. In the market there are multiple brands that are devoted to water-resin extraction. Among the best known are two (Bubblebags and Pollinator), being able to find others with lower (and finishes can also be unsatisfactory) prices. If our intention is to continue making withdrawals resin in the future, we recommend buying quality tools, like the two trademarks, and enjoying some better finishes and rapporteurs well stand the test of time (provided we are careful in their cleaning after use. 2 can find kits extractor mesh, mesh extractor 3 5 extractors meshes and even 8 mesh resins for extracting water. Choosing one or the other kit (with varying mesh) depend exclusively on grower will separate the different qualities that your plant material can offer. Yerbasi from Sant recommend starting the kit consists of three screens (one slows the plant material and the rest, depending on the micron rating of each mesh, encompass the various qualities ).

Ice: For the gland easily be peeled off during the process, the water must be very cold (about 4-8 degrees). Ice is an important part in cooling water. 2-3 is important to obtain ice packs to ensure cooling during processing. Since the ice will get rid when mixed with water containing vegetable matter, it is also important premium ice (bought at the gas stations and shopping malls) and otherwise add to the unwanted salts and water enpeoraría the final flavor extraction.

Water (distilled or reverse osmosis): The RO water is water that has been filtered to "clean" of inpurezas. That water we use is filtered is more important than many realize. The explanation is simple: The water contains minerals that enpobrecerían taste of our withdrawal. To make a will specify removal of about 5 liters of water so that, given the cost of water in case of not having a filter of osmosis, will not be a too high cost.

* A four aforementioned points is recommended to add the use of a washing machine as it will save much time and muscle aches extractors. Even so, if buying a washing machine is not within your plans, extraction is possible (but do it manually is recalmente tired as we "beat" the plant material by hand, resulting in fatigue that means for the various water passes through the meshes.
Process for stepper Iceolator
Step 1: Select the plant material we use for the extraction

When we refer to the selection of plant material means that it is very important to ensure that only let's use those radicals quality (low tops and leaves around the buds)

Step 2: Dry and cure the selected plant material for extraction

Drying is done the same way as if they were flowers (buds). If you use leaves, it is important to remove the vegetable matter daily (especially the first day when the matter is wetter). After the first days (drying usually take place over about 15 days depending on weather), and once the plant material is dry, place all plant matter in glass jars for curing. Once we have introduced all the material in sealed cans should wait 4 to 6 weeks for curing elapsed and our plant material is ready to be "washed".

Step 3: Prepare the plant material for "washing"

It is recommended that 24h-48h prior to extraction to place glass jars in the freezer to chill all the green stuff. This will help us the glands fall off more easily, while help slow the warming of the water.

Step 4: Removal waterborne resin

As mentioned, if you have a washing machine the process will be easier and it will do the "dirty work" for us. These machines are equipped with timers to program the washing time will be approximately 15 minutes. If you do not have washing is recommended to buy two plastic containers 20 cm in diameter (the diameter you adjust the screens to the tank during filtration). If you do not have washing plant matter will overturn the tank and add cold ice and water. Once this is done we remove all set for at least 20 minutes without stopping (served in a spoon or wooden stick is helpful).

Once you have mixed forcefully it is time to place the stitches on the second deposit: The placement of the mesh is from lower quality to higher quality (means worse quality that mesh having a smaller hole that will stay the smaller and higher quality mesh having a larger hole in which only glands glands retain higher quality. So after post the first finer mesh, within which the following 8siempre stay in the order of less micronage to high).

Mesh placed in the tank, it's time to dump the removed through the meshes mixture. If the bags have placed around the material be properly retained on the braking plant matter (commonly of 220 microns or 185 microns inside if the gland is external), allowing the water to flow to the bottom mesh and the bottom of escrow. Once we dump the entire contents of the tank and the matter is in the mesh is the time to lift the net gently and drain its contents to fall to the lower meshes. When we have drained the mesh we can replace the plant material on the first deposit for future past (understood by repeating each run using the same plant matter and water).

Secluded plant matter is time to "lift" the next screen (which may be different according micronage meshes kit available to us). Being meshes with a smaller micron rating, perceive that water costs you more to go through their holes getting to exhaust the patience of who performs the extraction. We recommend stirring the mesh making moves up and down destaponen holes allowing water fall more fluid and fast. remember that the outgoing water must pass through each mesh follows so as not to lose any trace of resin along the way. The process will continue with each mesh is the same until the end, all the water vovlerá to be in the repository.

When we lift each mesh we can use a Credit Card to collect all the wet resin accumulated in extracting meshes. Support can also be deposited on the wet resin coffee filters (absorbent paper to which the resin does not stick). * Especially important this point as dry Iceolator goze is basic to its better taste and smell. It helps to chop when it reaches its state of semi-dry to help water quickly leave. If necessary change the coffee filter with a new one if it has reached its maximum absorption state (normal use 2-3 filters for each quality resin extract).

Once you're placing the different qualities of extraction in their filters to dry, we will refund the excess water to the first tank (which we had previously put the plant material used. Reached this point, in order to re-make another collection, add ice to the extent necessary to ensure the water cold enough again and repeat the above process 2 to 3 times more. not that I could do it more times, but the drop in quality there once made 3 passes, more time spent on each and the drop in the amount of collected extraction will not be worth extending the process more times.

Step 5: The resin drying and preservation

As mentioned, it is important to dry the resin extracted during the process (the water could make the extraction reached rot malvaratando all our work. If we used coffee filters and have successfully crushed resin, normal would take a few 2-3 days to dry completely. a After this time we can consume our Iceolator work and enjoy the inviting our friends to try it (and the writer of these lines! hehehe).

If the extracted quantity is large, or our consumption is not very high, it may be advisable to press the resin for preservation. For pressing we can help specific presses for such use. In cases where the amounts are relatively small Iceolator recommend keeping in your grnaulado been pressing since the hand is the best flavor gives the final result (unscientific but time-tested and experience data).

You can see our video on how to make resin extraction water to solve your doubts: