You probably heard it many times: Sex and Cannabis is a blast. Some swear that yes, others fully deny it. Don't fool ourselves, be completely stoned is one of the worst ways to prepare for a night of passion. So if this is your plan, the most probable thing is that you finish the night sit on the couch, with your eyes fixed in the TV, eating and entire chocolate cookie box. Even though, if your properly prepare... Then you could estimate if sex and cannabis is a good combo or not.

sex and marijuana

What does studies say?

It was back in the 70s, after cannabis boom, when some studies started to be done, in United States (in Spain we were in another league), about sex and cannabis. These first studies, even though, were everything but encouraging. Later on, it was known that hormonal alterations got were not significant, they conclude that cannabis consumption reduced to a half the leels of testosterone, so that created an idea that marijuana made low the libido y could cause erectile dysfunction.

In the 80s, a study plublished in the Journal of sex research (1984), exposed that 66% of consumers asked, experimented more pleasure, and an increased satisfaction, while others didn't appreciate an improve in sex.

The thing didn't changed much in the millennium change. In the Addiction research theory (2003 Canada), it was published a study about effects of cannabis in frecuent users, an a long term ones. In the interview, a 50% of asked aswered "yes" to the question if sex improved after consuming cannabis, while the other 50% answered "no". On the other side, when asking them if perceived an increase of libido, a 25% asured that "usually" or "always"; a 40% answered "sometimes"; and a 35% stated that "rarely" or "never".

Nowadays we have not advanced much in ivestigation. Doctors that work with cannabis, deny that may cause erectile dysfunction, and ask to update these studies. Even though, we actually know that getting results from cannabis is always complicated. Investigations need from grants, but legal situation of marijuana blocks states from investing in these type of studies.

Alcohol, amphetamines, antidepressants, cocaine, and other drugs that affect the frame of mind, are widely documented and do not create too much controversy. With marijuana there are two main opposite opinions:

Inhibits sex: Supporters of this opinion describe that consumption of cannabis turns them to theirselves. This makes them loose conection with their partners.

Improves sex: These descrive an increase of desire, of touch sense and sensibility, in addition to an increased connection with their couple, as well as a pleasure increase and sexual satisfaction.

sex and cannabis

PROS and CONS of sex and cannabis

If your desire is to try it, first you should known is what you've been missing; if you already did it maybe you feel identified with some of these PROS:

Sensitive amplification

It0s not 100% clear how THC acts at neural levels. Seems that CB1, a brain receptor that is relationed with touch senses and general euphoria, is affected when smoking cannabis. This may be the cause of the touch and sensibility increase. That's why it's not rare that many women state they easily reach orgasm when have consumed marijuana.

More intense orgasms

This happens due to two main reasons. the first one is quoted previously, when sensibility and sensations are higher, orgasms are too. On the other hand, marijuana has the virtue of slowing down the time. In a study titled Altered Affective Response in Marijuana Smokers (2009), users declared percieve how the time enlarge, something like if it passed slower. This way when arriving to orgasm, the sensation is, that instead of three seconds it lasts 30.

Aphrodisiac effect

Nowadays, in countries where medical marijuana is legal, there are doctors who prescribe cannabis, to increase sexual desire, to combat erectile disfunction, or as viagra (but without those derived effects. Even though it is not demonstrated, those doctors insist in what's important is it works. So, it's not a question of viagra, it's too feel comfortable, doesn't matter if it happens because the patient is relaxed, or they stop stressing, by the staet of their erections, or by an increase of cannabis flux blood in their body.

Where it is certainly demonstrated is in women: Libido increases. In 2013 a study was made, Circulating Endocannabinoid Concentrations and Sexual Arousal in Women, in wich the levels of excitement in women were examined before and after consuming THC. To do so, they projected a porn movie. Precious to consumption, porn barely altered their excitement levels, while post cannabis consumption those increase significantly.


Relaxing effects and calming effects of marijuana are associated to anxiety decrease. THC interacts with a neurotransmitter called anandamide, leaving user in a happiness and relaxing state (also drowsiness). This state could be useful to face sexual tension, relax and get nude in front of another person.

Connection with sexual partner

Cannabis consumption frees oxytocin. Oxytocin is an hormone that body frees after sex (the same one women free when are in labor, and the same one that takes part in lactation after teat stimulation). This hormone acts as neurotransmitter in brain, and is in relation with affective linkks, social recognition, trust and stress. So, one dose of cannabis combined with a sexual dose is a perfect blend to feel connected and close to your couple.


The same way it happens with alcohol an other drugs, cannabis may make you feel better, and give your that little pushing needed. But alert: It could make you do things that, maybe, otherwise with a clear thought you wouldn't do. Obviously you can consume cannabis and take full decisions, but don't forget that in high dosages the consent can become complicated. If you practice sex after consuming cannabis do it consciently, never practice sex with someone who is not clearly conscient.

As everything in life, the mix of sex and cannabis also has its dark side. It is important to be conscient of risks you front if you practice it.


Too high dosages

We advice you at the begining of this post. If you take too much you can convert this expected meeting in a total mess. Too high dosages will make you loose your sexual appetite, and discourage you to do any physical activity.

Lower amounts of sperm

Recent studies revealed that cannabis consumption slightly lowers down the quality of the sperm. So if you are trying to create a family maybe this won't be your best choose.

Vaginal dryness

Some doctors assign vanial dryness issues to marijuana consumption. If you feel uncomfortable during sex, and think this may be your case, don't worry. There is nothing as easy as using lubricants and vaginal gels.

High Risk practices

We insist: Being stoned may cause you lower down your atention. That's why we recommend low-medium dosages and agreed practices. Whatever, prevent yourself from ETS, from a non desired pregnancy and keep alert against a possible conscient alteration.

It's only good if you like it

Marijuana effects may be different in each individual. If you don't feel comfortable having sex after consuming cannabis, or the results are not what you expected, this is not for you. The same way, the fact that you get get certain benefits with these practices, doesn't mean your sexual partner experiments the same. Do not insist. Remember: Everyone feels in a different way.

Our tips

There are two things that should be clear before starting with these practices: Dose and consumption method. If you follow these two, your experiences will be much positive.


As we adviced, taking too much is letal for male sexuality; instead of vigour and passion you may get the opposite. That's why we encourage, specially to men, consuming cannabis with THC levels under 14%, and slow absorption. As we explained, women libido tolerates much high doses without being affected. But don't take too much, you could fell out of the game, loosing appetite for any physical activity.

It is recommended to consume cannabis sativa strains, due these report euphoric feelings, happynes and energetic (if you want to know more about marijuana strains, read our post "Indica and Sativa marijuana, all you need to know". Never forget that everyone is different, and can feel as aphrodisiac a weed that others don't.

Way of consumption

We should advice, if you want to have sex with your couple, it is not a good ideal to consume cannabis in edible form. The effects may take 30 minutes to 2 hours to appear. It is also possible that you arrive to the maximal point in different moments, rising and lowing as a rollercoaster, being so difficult that those points meet with your couple's ones.

It is more recommended to use a vaporizer or a common join. This way the highest point will arrive at a time, in about 5 minutes, and you will get much more connected.

We would like to highlight also those topical-use products. Even being difficult to find in some countries, sure you heard about the,. Topicals (cannabis oil, massage oils, lubricants...) are absorbed when applied on skin, so produce localized sensorial effects, avoiding psycoactive reactions.

Do not forget that each person likes what he likes. The thing is to discover what you like, and if you are accompanied, what your couple likes. You will only enjoy sex and cannabis trying!

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