Dutch Passion

Dutch Passion

The Dutch Passion marijuana seed bank began its experience with the development and production of cannabis seeds in 1970. In 1987 it officially established itself as a seed brand in Amsterdam. It is currently one of the pioneering cannabis banks in the world, offering a wide catalog of classic and original marijuana seed varieties. Year after year, it invests in the research, updating and production of high quality marijuana strains, seeking the best strains in the world and keeping its great reputation in the market of successful marijuana seeds.

Dutch Passion and its investment in obtaining the highest quality seeds:

Dutch Passion, the pioneers in the feminization of marijuana seeds.

There is no doubt that Dutch Passion works daily to maintain high quality levels of seeds and are always ready to meet the demands of marijuana growers and consumers. It should be noted that in 1998 they marketed the first feminized seeds, revolutionizing the market. After this innovative step in the cannabis world, Dutch Passion has focused its efforts on autoflowering varieties and of course these efforts are not in vain.

Autoflowering seeds with a lot of passion.

It's been a while since auto seeds appeared, but at first they couldn't match the success of already stabilized feminized seeds. As when regular seeds were mostly replaced by feminized ones, it is now the turn of autoflowering seeds. Dutch Passion brings its big grain of sand with its experience in developing seeds with very easy to grow autoflowering varieties that offer the grower amazing production results. These autoflowering strains introduced by Dutch Passion retain the original flavors, smells and nuances of any cannabis family, skunk, haze, kush, purple, etc...

Buy Dutch Passion seeds at SantYerbasi.

SantYerbasi has always bet on the work of Dutch Passion. In our catalog you can find the best feminized and autoflowering seeds from one of the best marijuana seed banks in the world. We have the best Dutch Passion seed genetics, award winning seeds, hybrids, sativas, indicas, purples, americans, high yielding medicinal seeds at the best price. To make it easier to find your ideal seed, you can use our seed filter.

Dutch Passion markets its product in different packages:

Feminized Seed Packs:

3 feminized seeds x pack
5 feminized seeds x pack
10 feminized seeds x pack

Autoflowering Seed Packs:

3 autoflowering seeds x pack
7 autoflowering seeds x pack

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